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How do you Know it's Time to Lose Weight?

Updated on December 15, 2015

Understanding what is a body mass index, know when it is it time for you to lose weight or loose weight.Losing weight the sooner is the better. And many will agree, but a few will really do this long and frankly difficult process, especially if the weight exceeds the norm at times. And what is the norm?

The BMI does not tell you the whole story. A football player who is well trained and has excellent health may be very muscular and could have a high BMI. Yet their body fat is actually low.

ronaldo muscular high BMI
ronaldo muscular high BMI

The body mass index is calculated by the formula: I = m / h in the square, where m - mass in kilograms; h - height in meters, and is measured in kg / m. For example, a person's weight is 85 kg, height - 185 centimeters, therefore, in this case the BMI is 85 / (1.85 * 1.85) = 25 In accordance with the recommendations World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the following interpretation of the BMI

Body mass index
16 or less
Severe underweight
The lack (deficiency) of body weight
Overweight (pre-obese)
Obesity is the first degree
Obesity is the second degree
40 or more
Obesity third degree (morbid)

With this formula you can understand about how excess can be your weight. But as mentioned before, for some categories of people, this method may be subjective, because of their genetic characteristics or features of professional activity, mostly sports. The only advantage of this method lies in the fact that you need only a measuring scales, measuring tape and a calculator to calculate your BMI.

high bmi for sumo wrestler
high bmi for sumo wrestler

There is another way, to determine the amount of subcutaneous fat. This method is often offered in fitness clubs, and many personal trainers have their own caliper to show to their customers objectively whether they are losing weight or not.

The meaning of the caliper is simple: it is a special device, which measures fold in several areas: the thigh, hip the abdomen, triceps, shoulder blade and chest.Measurements made ​​on the right side. But it is very important to perform this measurement should only by a specialist. Data which is obtained by the caliper, is compared on a special table, and then decide whether there is no or obesity.

body fat caliper
body fat caliper

Another method of determining the composition of the body, and the fastest, but also the most expensive - is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. A special instrument that measures the electrical resistance of biological tissues and with a special program that quantifies their composition (in kilograms and percentages).

With this method, you can find the following quantitative measures body composition:

1. The content of fat mass (total mass of fat cells);

2.The content of the lean mass (muscle, all the organs, brain, nerves, bones, and all the liquid contained in the body);

3. The content of the active cell mass (part no fat mass).

As we can see, methods for measuring body composition is not much, but they do not always need to answer the simple question, whether to lose weight or not. Sometimes it's easy enough to look at yourself in the mirror and all will become clear.

This is a concise and short hub on technical ways to decide whether or not to lose weight


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