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Updated on September 6, 2010

 Ok, we all have some sort of family.  I think it is only now that I relize how much family means. I don't know that I have ever really appreciated my family as much as I do now.  My grandparents are dead and it was only after their death that I came to relize how special they were. My parents are getting older and each day I see more and more how amazing they are. I think that we don't relize the things that they have done until we are older. I praise God that I was born into the family I was. Now we are far from perfect but we are always there for each other. Believe me there has been some rough times.  So today I just want to be more aware of how special my family is. I want to start appreciating each member. Life is short and we do not know how long we have with each person that God has blessed us with.  So I am going to try to make sure that all of the people that are important to me know what they mean to me.


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