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How do you stay focused in life? You can do this by following these tips!

Updated on July 20, 2015
sam777777 profile image

Sam is walking on the path of success. I am going through many failures or moments of opportunities to improve who I am.

There have been moments in time in life where we are just trying in midair hoping things would turn out like our dream world, but we only do that to stray from our mental slums and a perceivably hopeless life. We tend to lose that focus in life. The ultimate question now is ":How do you stay focused in life? " Just hang on to find out how you act to stay focused. I used to think there was no way you can get focused and that focus is just something is there or not, but following these special tips you may be more align than the eclipses.

Mental slums are there, but focus is what puts things into perspective.
Mental slums are there, but focus is what puts things into perspective. | Source

Loss of focus

Have you lost focus in life?

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These are the following tips you can take from me:

1. Learn to take one task at a time.

Do not move onto thinking about another task until you have not finished the task at hand. It's almost like leveling up. If you finish the first task, then you move up. If you have ever played Need for speed, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario etc and etc., you have to do certain things first before moving on to the next level. You can think about up to two tasks at a time. You have to write down the other tasks on paper.

2. Be logical not emotional.

What allows focus? No emotions, no judgments . It's all ears and it registers.

When I usually hear, see or notice something, it is because I am focused. Otherwise, there is a disconnect because of sadness, hopelessness, or any other unbearable negative feeling. When emotions get in the way, you actually get stubborn at not listening to anything that is being vocally presented to you.

When logic precedes emotions, emotions have no way of winning.
When logic precedes emotions, emotions have no way of winning. | Source

Let me give you an example. One day you come back home from work, but there is one unusual thing; you bring home the unhappiness from work or the disaster. This disaster piles up on you and becomes an emotional pain at some point. You see everything in a negative light. You feel as if your life is a burden. After you come home, your parents tell you to do something. Instead of listening, your mind gets locked into those emotions. You somehow ignore your parents without any conscious effort. After a minute, you noticed that you do not remember a word they said. That is why it is very essential to be logical. The emotions vs. logic relationship is also known as unbiased perception, which is found in "How can you maintain your attitude?"

I know that life can give you those tough days. You definitely want to cut yourself off if you notice that you are starting to get emotional. Condition your mind each time it gets distracted. In that way, you bring it back to reality.

Also, this can happen if you watch an emotional movie that links you to your life. Empathizing with the character can get you lost in your own world and not be able enjoy the entertainment.

Losing a loved one can really take a chunk out of your life. That's how I felt when my grandfather passed away, but I remembered the great times I had with him to snap myself back into reality. It is because I had to focus in life. Life is a creature that lives with or without someone.

When you get emotional, you do get judgmental. Once you have one bad view of a person, you see him bad in every aspect of life. One thing you should never do is adopt someone else's view of a person. If that other person thinks bad of him, then you will too. In that way, it ruins your relationship with the person. You want to be focused by staying away from this sort of "infection". When you do this, you cut down being judgmental.

Here is a self-command that I would like you to use:

Be logical , not emotional SAM(since that is my name)

In your case, use your name.

It's no point thinking about thoughts that cause pain and stress. Please use it!!

Do not let emotions lead.

By a show of clicks, whose emotions get the best of them or not?

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3. Listen.

Listening factors into focusing. When you are focused, obviously you are going to listen. But if you listen, you can definitely push yourself to focus. The psychology can be reversed. In this situation, your focus is in your hands. This is where mental action of your thoughts comes into play. Your job is to bring the thought into existence, so that you can tell yourself to do the act of listening.

Listening can be a really helpful skill to detect where you stand with focus.
Listening can be a really helpful skill to detect where you stand with focus. | Source

4. Indifference

Be indifferent to people's antics. At times, people have the tendency to bother or put you in a bad situation. Try to make the best of it. Amuse them and yourself. Put on a genuine smile that veils the interior. Your poker face will give you the upper hand. Practice smiling from an "OK situation" to a horrible situation. Conditioning your smile will make it a conditioned reflex.

The great feelings that come with indifference is an amazing reason to be taking on this path. Don't you think?! You feel powerful because you tackle life without any resistance. You are like water at the beach that goes through your hands.

Try to be like the water.
Try to be like the water. | Source


I am the master of my own universe. I am like the sand that goes through your fingers. I do not get run by anything. I have no pressure.

How do you want to act?

Smile in amusement. Be amused with anything that people do or say. You should even make humor out of any situation you are in. I remembered that I came to work one day and the zipper of my pants was ripped. I made fun of it. I said to my female coworker: at least ,I made you laugh. You want to learn smile no matter what that situation is. I know in my situation I have to since I am a serious person at times.

5. Having a great attitude.

I know it is a recurring topic, but attitude is definitely required. Your attitude about focus should be strict as the attitude of an archer hitting bulls eye. ( To gain knowledge on attitude, click Attitude is how you visualize things around you.)

6. Mentality:

Of course, you need to focus on mentality. This is the backbone of your thinking process and is not limited to what it is now, but you can also expand via books you read, videos you watch and recordings you hear. I read books on Emotional Intelligence, Attitude, Leadership, body language and etc. With mentality, you have a strong mind. You are more resilient to any sort of troubles, worries or ordeals.

It sounds silly, but using a command system is a brilliant idea.
It sounds silly, but using a command system is a brilliant idea. | Source

An overall command system to be focused


This is what you want to do in the following order to stay focused:

Acknowledge---->Ignore----------> Resume

Acknowledgment allows you to know what to ignore. When you do not know what to ignore, would you be able to ignore anything. Then you resume with the task you were taking care of at hand.

simple example:

Many distractions (acknowledge)----> ignore distractions (ignore)----> Finish doing your report, homework

I know it's easier said than done. Put your effort on the doing part, which I do too.

Implementing the command system:

How has the command system been working for you?

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