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How does Muscle growing work and how to use this information to achieve body building goals.

Updated on November 23, 2010

An important factor of body building is understanding how the cycle of a muscle works when body building. It is very important to understand what happens to our body in order to be able to improve our performance during working out. By learning the cycle of development and growth of muscle we can also learn to adapt our body building routine to achieve the results we want in our work out routine. It is very important to understand all this not only of you attend the gym but also if you follow a workout routine such as P90X since you can adapt the workouts to your body for better performance and the results you want. We will start by reviewing the basics of muscle building and later understanding how to specifically to apply this knowledge during workout for better results.

Muscle System explained

Basically the whole muscle system in the body is divided into 5 different areas each of them are used for a certain action that will help the body in some way, by developing  each area you are adapting it to a harder environment, therefore making it stronger. Exactly, survival of the fittest. These areas are:

-       Muscles of the head and neck: These guys are used for 3 different categories very important to human survival: expression, chewing and joining the head to the rest of the body. There is not an actual way to develop these muscles other than using them in a daily bases.

-       Muscles of the Neck and Shoulder: These guys do the work of attaching the head and neck to the upper muscles of the chest; therefore keeping the head in place with control.

-       Muscles of the Chest and Back: Now these are the main part of the body, these muscles develop our torso. They also protect some of the most vital parts of the body including the heart and lungs. Developing them makes the body tougher to the outside and protects your internal organs and makes the body look tougher and better looking.

-       Muscles of the Upper Extremity: Here are located the famous bicep and triceps, including many other important muscles it is obvious what they are used for, they create the ability to interact with your arms, form shaking and bending to pushing and pulling.

-       Muscles of the Lower Extremity: These are some very important muscles since they cover jumping, running, climbing and acceleration. These are very important to develop since for every sport they are constantly used and the better shape these muscles are the better is the performance in certain sport.

How does a muscle develop and grow during and after working out

During a workout routine you lift up weights making the muscle work in quantities the muscle is not used to. At first the muscle will fight back by resisting the workout. After some reps you will feel the muscle giving up to the workout. This is where you stop, rest and do it all again. Believe it or not, there will be a moment when the fiber inside your muscle will break and your muscle will be torn in the inside, this happens when you have really worked out the way it is supposed to be. Don’t panic, this is normal. Since the muscle was defeated, during the time you are not working out the muscle will reconstruct, making it stronger than before and becoming bigger and stronger. This continues to happen each time you go to the gym or workout this way your muscle will slowly become stronger and better and fitter. This is the whole cycle of body building. Now that you understand it you must learn to use this knowledge to have better results with your workouts.

What do all of this shakes and drinks do to my body to help it?

It is simple, besides giving the nutrients, protein and carbohydrates it needs during the workout for better performance, it will also help the performance of the muscle reconstruction. These drinks will accelerate the reconstruction of the body, therefore making it ready to continue working out and continue developing into a stronger muscle.

 How to apply this into working out

Now that you understand how the process goes you can now learn to apply it. There are 2 ways to develop your muscles each one has different results in their appearance and depending on what you want you will chose which one to do.  With one you will make the muscle bigger and with the other one you will make the muscle more ripped and fittest. To make your muscle bigger you must use high weight when you work out this muscle, higher weight than the one you are used to, therefore you will feel the burn sooner and your muscle will decay faster. So you must do little reps during this kind of workouts will a lot of weight. For instance, you can do biceps with 25 pounds with 5-8 reps, rest and repeat. The other way to develop your muscles you do the exact opposite, you use little weight and do far more reps or at least until you fell the burn. For instance, you must 10-15 reps with 15 pounds and repeat. This is how you decide to develop your muscles depending on what your specific goals for your body are, use this information wisely and be careful to avoid injuries, good luck to all and be sure to check out my other posts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to ALWAYS do the exercise slowly each rep must take its time go up slowly and down slowly this will make the muscle work even harder, you will feel it.

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the weight that is appropriate to you. Weather you decide to make your muscles bigger or fittest always try to make the 3 last reps burn!


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