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How hard is it to become successful living in a ghetto neighborhood?

Updated on April 28, 2018

I am a 20 year old male, and I would like to share my experience on what it takes to become something to be known for, while growing up in Horrible environments. Im Going to talk about what it takes to become something, and the challenges that you will face.

Short Intro

People are clueless, and don't realize the amount of hidden talent that maybe hidden in suburban areas such as bad areas where shootings occur, and the crime rates are high.

For example, If you live in a nice neighborhood were the crime rate is extremely low, and you look at a 20 year old male in a violent neighborhood, you would never think that this person has any type of hidden talent that could potentially change the way the world works. Naturally, I totally expect this from other people.

What living in a bad neighborhood does to you mentally

living in a bad neighborhood can do some things to you. Some of those things could even be positive, or extremely negative. Really the only positive thing that comes out of this, is it makes you stronger mentally and physically. I believe that no matter where you live, the people and things around you, and the way they think and act, will definitely have an impact on you either negative or positive.

The city that I live in, is filled with nothing but trash, negativity, murder, gangs, and just nothing but foreigners and complete negativity. Little too nobody in my city has any goals, motivation, or realistic dreams that can be accomplished.

I have lived here for 13 years. Certainly not all of those 13 years were positive. They still are not positive. There are always ups and downs in the city I live in, but no matter what, I try to remain positive and keep a high spirit. It is extremely difficult, especially when I am surrounded by people with a much lower mind set and I have.

Sometimes, staying out of trouble does not seem possible. Even when you try to stay out of trouble, somebody around you will get you in major trouble. This person could be an acquaintance friend, or even a family member, sometimes even a friend or acquaintance of a family member. Yes it is that freaking ridiculous.

Here is a real life story for example, there was 1 time where my little sister had some problems with her boyfriend. My little sister is only 14 years old, and has a lot of drama in her life that she'd certainly does not need. Her and her boyfriend had broken up over something very stupid. Her boyfriend brought a bunch of enemies over to my house, and I had to defend my family for the sake of them not getting hurt. I almost got in serious trouble for what I did. I almost went to jail. There is a lot of unnecessary drama that comes around you even if you do not want it, or cause it.

Have I been in jail? Yes, it was not a serious offense, but I had to let my anger out because I could not keep it in anymore. There is a lot of unnecessary drama that goes on around me, and I don't have many people to talk to because they are not similar to me. Deep breathing and relaxation really helps me but Therefore, I just could not hold myself back, I committed an assault and battery and went to jail for 1 night. It was the worst night of my life.

What have I accomplished?

From what you have read so far, you probably think I am a loser, a criminal, or somebody who is just negative. But I am about to surprise you big time. From what I talked about before, and just some of the negative things that happened in my life, doesn't mean that that is everything that happened. Something bad always happens, usually every month. But, I am a history maker, I have accomplished things that many 20 year olds and younger or even older have never accomplished and never will.

Before I graduated high school, I passed 3 major certification exams for computer repair and programming. Some of these exams, are required to be taken at college. But I am so smart with computers, that teachers made exceptions for me to take exams very early in life. By passing these exams, I was able to land myself high paying jobs and gigs. Want to hear something even more surprising? All of this happened before I even went to jail.

Just because somebody is accomplished at something, doesn't mean that they won't get in trouble later in life. If I had moved out of the city I was living in earlier in life, I would have possibly never gotten into any trouble. Now I am stuck here, and all of this negativity is weighing down on me so much that it is very hard to push the weight off. But sooner or later, I will be out of my city and in a much more positive environment as long as I keep my head up, and don't let the energy Vampires Suck the positiveness out of me.

How to stay positive and make something of yourself in a bad neighborhood

There are ways that you can remain positive in a s***** neighborhood, and make something of yourself. Sometimes it is best to remain isolated from those around you. Getting mixed up with anybody in a negative neighborhood, will never have a good result. The fact that just staying away from these people can still get you in trouble, question yourself, and ask what would happen if I actually hung out with these people? I can still get in trouble even if I stay away from them, it would really suck if I hung out with them and became who they were. Birds of a feather do flock together.

Negative activities, brainwashing video games, and mediocre rap music does have a huge impact on the way people act. I don't do any of that garbage. How to make anything out of yourself, the best thing you can do is to develop a skill, and master it. What you have to do, is do something productive every day. Make sure you get ahead in life 1 day at a time. Make it a goal to make progress everyday. If you don't make progress everyday, then you're not making progress at all.

it's hard to make any kind of progress, there are too many distractions in my environment. What do I do?

You need to leave your environment. Plain and simple. Hop on a bus, go to a library in a nice positive town or city, and study your butt off. Go back to the city as late as you can, go to sleep, and do it all over again.


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    • profile image

      maelena arthur 2 years ago

      I loved this article, and I would love to use this for my research paper I am doing on environmental impacts on people and if they can change just because they are are raised in a bad neighborhood. Can you reach me at my email so I can get information on how to cite you correctly.

    • profile image

      WaffleSoul 2 years ago

      I applaud you for your success and thanks for making an article like this. As someone who grew up in a similar situation in the ghetto I can relate. Especially to getting in trouble by not even associating with ppl. But I have to say to the ppl in the comments that say ppl just make up excuses… *sigh. As someone who has almost "made it" I hate it when ppl say that. There are definitely a good number of ppl that seem like they're just addicted to the ghetto lifestyle. That just pass up or burn bridges that could take them out of these shitholes called ghettos but just because you "made it" doesn't mean everyone can and should be able to make it too. Not even most. There are ppl who's job it is to market to impoverished communities so that they think there lifestyle is ok and not everyone is born with high intelligence. Not everyone is born into a home where drugs are not present. Where parents aren't parents but big kids. Some children like the author and mainly those who "make it" have the proper personality, intelligence, support or a combination of the 3. It's way to simple minded and easy to say " just don't do drugs!" "Just work hard and anyone can achieve their dreams!" Statements like that don't take into account the temperment of humans. Guess what. To all those who have "made it". You're speacial. You actually are. Your parents probably weren't crack heads who have you drugs and made you do drug runs because the police would never suspect you. You probably had a personality in which you don't really care what ppl think about you and you're people smart. There are definitely ppl who choose the hood life. a lot of them. But I hate that retarded Uncle Tom statement of just work hard, cause in a capitalist system there will inevitably be winners and losers. It's how a capitalist system works. There has to be winners and losers. We're the winners and the others are the losers but they didn't choose to be born into the ghetto.

    • profile image

      guest 3 years ago

      So try till you die.

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Well said!

      To many people in those situations only make excuses. You have made an exception.

      Hope your still doing well.

    • airsoft gun profile image

      Niver the Designer 5 years ago from Boston,MA

      Thanks Chappells. that means a lot

    • Chappells Corner profile image

      Chappells Corner 5 years ago from Colorado for now...

      airsoft gun, just wanted to take the time to respond to your article and give you your props for making the positive strides you are making in your life. It's so easy for people to play the victim role and make excuses...or simply give up and embrace the negativity. I hope you continue to rise above and be a mentor to others in the hood so they can see that there is a better way. Big-ups and keep doing what you are doing.


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