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How important is Yoga for you

Updated on June 17, 2015

How important is Yoga for you

Yoga has benefited billions of people worldwide in improving their health and getting rid of the diseases. It is seen that many diseases that could not be cured by taking medicines can be cured by doing yoga regularly. Many people those complained about some kind of slow and continuous pain in their body parts which couldn’t be cured by medical sciences ultimately got cured by performing yoga for few years. In India it is associated with the society for thousands of years.

A healthy body contains a healthy mind. People who do their daily physical exercises fall less ill as compared to those irregular in their schedule of doing exercises. Those who practice yoga regularly become stronger mentally and physically as well. It depends on us how strong and flexible we can make our body. Flexibility in body parts comes through regular practice. Yoga and meditation are very important in order to get fitness and good health. Doing yoga regularly will make a difference in your life that you can feel after few days of your regular practice.

While doing yoga stretch your body parts up to the extent of your comfort. In the beginning you may have some difficulties in bending body parts but with the passage of time you will tend towards perfection. Beginners must start it with some easy Asanas and steadily go for the remaining ones too. Yoga and meditation make us to control our breaths that give smooth & complete circulation to the blood so as to make it reach in every part of our body. More and more oxygen that we inhale gives strength and rejuvenate our body. Life is based on oxygen.

Daily Yoga and meditation brings peace of mind. It gives you the strength to cope up with the stress at work and handle adverse conditions quite comfortably. It enables you to put more and more efforts on your work to get the maximum positive results. You will be able to perform your all work of the day tirelessly and vigorously. Apart from the physical strength it increases confidence and self-esteem. If you are regular yoga performing person you don’t fall ill easily. Yoga increases your immunity that makes your body invulnerable towards diseases.

Yoga not only keeps you fit and healthy but increases will power as well. It can be a good medium to connect with spiritual world. Since almost all the yoga positions help you to concentrate, control your breath and bodily behavior hence it enables you to control your desires & senses well. Those suffering from some kind of obsession or addiction like smoking, drinking or excessive eating, Yoga works like a remedy for them. It gives you strength to curb your unhealthy desires. It is good if you do yoga in the morning before you leave for work. Some kind of Asanas like Surya Namaskar give the maximum benefit when it is done at the time of sun rising.

It is utmost important that yoga must not be done in line with the normal exercises or that we do in gym. Since most of the yoga postures are for getting your body parts effective and flexible it should be done with utmost care. One must bend body parts very slowly during the entire procedure of each Yoga posture. So being calm is the key for every successful yoga posture to get the maximum benefit of it. While getting started with Asanas, do the loosening exercise that will ease and make body parts flexible enough to bend. It is important to do every step with ease and equal pace.

In the long run it won’t let you feel the effect of getting old. To increase efficiency and to attain vigor one must adopt yoga. Yoga is connected with body mind and soul. It increases curiosity to know the self. Who I am? What I have to do? Self-consciousness answers these all questions and to attain it one must go for Yoga. Yoga is the best medium for you to understand yourself.

It purifies body so you remain healthy. It purifies mind so you get wisdom. It purifies soul so you ultimately attain great thoughts calmness. To realize your strength, to overcome weaknesses, to communicate with yourself and to attain the highest possible concentration stage, you need to adopt yoga.


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