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How is this energy transferred to the water using the Bio Disc?

Updated on March 16, 2011

•The Bio Disc energy spins into the liquid, counter clockwise, or the liquid can be poured over the bio disc during which time the water picks up the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world.

A simple way is to use the taste buds, visual and other sensitive body sensors as follows:
  1. –Slice up a lemon and lime
  2. –Pour liquor or wine into two glasses
  3. –Place one slice of the lemon and lime on the Amezcua Bio Disc along with ONE of the glasses of wine or liquor
  4. –Stand the duplicate items 5 metres away from the Amezcua Bio Disc
  5. –Allow 20 minutes to elapse
  6. –Visually check the cell structure of the fruit. The slices on the disc will look fresher and younger. Smell the liquor or wine. The one of the Amezcua Bio Disc will smell softer and sweeter
  7. •Taste the fruit samples from the disc. They should taste fresher, less acidic and sweeter than the original samples placed five metres away from the disc
  1. Drinking Water Energizer
  2. Maximizes Nutritional Benefits
  3. Improves Taste
  4. Extends Shelf life
  5. Improves Wellness
  6. Enhances Immune system
  7. Rejuvenates Dead Cells


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    • Dmitriy bestlife profile image

      Dmitriy bestlife 7 years ago from Moscow

      The purity of drinking water is only a half of the problem. The other half is the the water structure. It is not fully estimated by the majority of people yet. All water in living nature is in the structured state. But water preparation compleetly breakes the water structure. One may drnk plenty of such water and still be dehidrotated. And suffer from the health consequences of dehidrotation. Human organism has no other choice than tyj spend its energy for the preparation of the water one drinks during a day time.

      Imagine that it is possible to get a plenty of structured water everywhere You are for free! The pocket size device created in Russia uses the Earth magnetic field to structure water. The water identical to the inner water of the human organism is obtained by means of the treatment. the water gets defenite information package from the device and ackvires qurative properties