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Lavender Oil and Its Benefits

Updated on September 7, 2017
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Kimberly is a 19-year-old jewelry artist, soap maker, and crocheter. She lives happily with her boyfriend in northern Minnesota.

Lavender oil basic overview

Lavender oil has many health benefits to mind and body. Not only can it aid in sleep, help depression and anxiety, but it also has anti fungal properties and can help ease pain. This essential oil is the most used essential oil in the world. This oil was used long before modern day technology as the native Americans used it in many of their healing rituals. The use of this oil has been dated all the way back to ancient Egypt in their ceremonies and burial rituals, and the Romans used it for their bathes and perfume.

Lavender can greatly affect your mental health by calming anxiety and reducing the production of cortisone. It also helps you sleep and stay asleep if you keep a diffuser of it by your bed. This essential oil also is amazing for tension headaches and migraines.

This oil also has many physical properties and benefits. It helps reducing acne if applied directly to your skin, also because it reduces cortisone that also helps with reducing acne. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help heal cuts and burns. It can also help eczema and psoriasis as well. Along with those amazing properties it also helps slow aging due to the powerful antioxidants in it.

This oil is in many ways a miracle oil. It helps stress, and aids sleep, it heals cuts and burns, and slows your aging. This amazing oil has many applications and uses as well!

Lavender Aromatherapy

Lavender oil can be used in many different ways and forms. One of the most commonly used today is aromatherapy. Many people use this method on their babies to help them sleep and even for themselves. It can be put in an oil diffuser and that makes the scent release over time. Oil diffusers can be bought just about anywhere and can be used with any oil you want though for your room lavender is most likely the best. Some people also choose to make cold compresses for headaches my taking a cold rag with a few drops and placing it on your forehead. This allows you to smell it and for it to soak in through your temple.

Lavender Oil Lotion

Lavender oil can be used for a lot more than simple aromatic purposes though! It can also be added to lotion. If you've ever made your own lotion than I'm sure that you are familiar with this process, but for those of you who haven't it is extremely simple! Basically it is just made up of some sort of base such as shea butter or cocoa butter. Then some sort of oil is generally added then you can add your scents or herbs. I will include a basic recipe at the bottom of this article for those who would like to try their hand at this amazing craft! This method not only do you smell like lavender (Yum!) but you absorb it into your skin. Essential oils can be absorbed through your pores extremely easily and with lavender this has nothing but positive effects! Not only does it smell great but as mentioned earlier this amazing oil is also full of antibiotic properties! A lotion made from lavender essential oil works great for; scars, stretchmarks, burns, or simple dry skin!

Lavender Oil Bathbombs

So if you don't know what a bath bomb is I'm sure your wondering. Its a ball of citric acid and several other ingredients that you drop in your bath and it fizzes into your water. As mentioned these include citric acid, but also baking soda, some kind of carrier oil, coloring (optional), and scent. Again I will include a recipe for this at the end of the article. Adding a bathbomb to your bath absorbs through your pores the same way it does with lotion, but because of the citric acid and baking soda it also eats away at your dead skin and makes your skin extremely soft. Now I'm sure your thinking if this is so powerful it eats my dead skin will it cause burns or discomfort on my skin! The answer is no. The carrier oils that you add to it and the essential oils you add to it makes for an amazing moisturizer and it protects your skin! Great huh?

Lavender oil sugar scrubs

The sugar scrub is my personal favorite out of the list. This (as the name implies) is a scrub made from sugar. Sugar on my skin? Yes! Sugar is a great exfoliate and you can use this in the shower! It's made from sugar, some sort of oil, essential oil, and herbs if you want. Again it enters through your pores just like the other two but this not only gets read of your dead skin but it also moisturizes your skin! As you scrub the sugar cleans off your dead skin and the lavender oil and whatever carrier oil you chose re hydrate your skin. This is great also for stretchmarks and scars. You shouldn't use this method on burns though because it exfoliates and it would damage the sensitive skin. But it gets read of the dead skin inside your stretchmarks or scars and the lavender oil helps fix your scars and stretchmarks. Again like the others I'll add a recipe at the end!

Lavender lotion recipe

This recipe is an extremely simple recipe to make using only three ingredients! A fourth is optional if you want to add some color to your lotion.

Now all you need for this recipe is

1 cup coconut oil

4 tbsp shea butter

and 16-30 drops of lavender essential oil (this all depends on how strongly you want it to smell)

A dash of purple mica if you want your lotion to have a pale purple color to it.

All you do is melt together your shea butter and coconut oil. Put this mixture into the fridge and let harden slightly (if you add your essential oil too early then you will be adding it past its flash point which means it will basically burn off and you'll lose the scent.) Once it becomes slightly hardened you can add your essential oils then you can stir it all together or you can either stir it, or if you want it to be more of a body butter consistency use a hand mixer or beater!

Now you just completely let it cool then spoon it into whatever container you wish to use!

Lavender bathbomb recipe

This bathbomb recipe that I use makes a pretty decent amount of bathbombs. I can sometimes make about 20-25 of them with this recipe but it all depends on what kind of mold you use. You can literally use anything, I use a tablespoon and fill it with my mixture and make my bathbombs this way. You can also use ice trays, candy molds, or you can always purchase a legit mold off amazon or brambleberry. (If you feel this recipe makes too many bathbombs then cut it in half)

2 cups citric acid

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1 cup coconut oil

15-30 drops fragrance

You mix together all dry ingredients in a bowl and make sure that they are properly blended. If you add the liquids too soon it will cause the dry ingredients to react and can ruin your bathbombs. Then once you have it all mixed together add your essential oils SLOWLY then add your coconut oil. This area I don't follow the recipe as I just keep adding tablespoons of it until my bathbombs stick together. Then press them into your mold and put them into a pan to dry. You'll want them to sit for at least 12 hours before you package them so they can completely harden and dry!

Lavender oil sugar scrub recipe

Now this is the simplest recipe out of all of them by far! There's no melting any ingredients, no waiting for them to cool, no molding, just put em all together and mix will!

This recipe calls for

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup and 3 tablespoons of sugar

Then add fragrance to it as desired

That's all there is too this recipe really! just put it into a bowl and stir, or if your jar is big enough to fit this put it into a jar and shake. You can use any oil you want it does not have to be coconut oil, though I would recommend a light oil (apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed oil stuff like that) it's better for your pores and for your skins heavier oils like olive oil can cause your pores to clog and make you break out. If you use coconut oil you'll most likely want to microwave it slightly so it will blend with the sugar.

Now Essential Oils, Lavender Oil, 2 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1)
Now Essential Oils, Lavender Oil, 2 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1)
This essential oil is perfect for all the methods listed above. This brand of essential oil is a great choice for any of your essential oil needs. This 2oz container is great for your beginners needs as you begin using this wonderful oil.


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