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How long will a denture take to make

Updated on October 4, 2012

Denture making

For most people the word dentures is associated with the older generation. However they are becoming more common amongst younger people as well for many different reasons. Some due to sporting accidents other down to lack of oral hygiene and poor diet. It can be daunting when you enter a situation that you don't really know much about. Here is a breakdown of the stages you will go through in order to receive a denture.

Most dentures take about four weeks and four appointments to make. However this could vary dependant on each individual dentist. The first stage of making a dentures involves the dentist picking two impression trays which fit into your mouth around your teeth. These can be quite bulky and can sometimes cause people to wretch. A way to avoid the retching is to breath through your nose and not your mouth. An impression material will then be placed in the tray which will then go into your mouth, this takes a few minutes to set and can be quite messy. One will be taken for the top set of teeth and another for your lower teeth. Once finished the trays will show an impression of your teeth. That is the first stage of your denture making complete.

For the second stage you will attend the dentist about a week after your first appointment, this gives the laboratory time to make a cast and wax moulds of your teeth. They may also make something called a special tray which again is an impression tray but it is specially designed to fit just your mouth which helps to make your dentures fit better. If a special tray is made then you will again require another impression on this visit. At this stage you will also have what dentists call a bite. This is basically wax bite blocks that the dentist needs to adjust in order to get your correct bite. If your bite is nearly correct then your dentures will require less adjustments at a later stage. This is the time when you will pick what colour you would like your dentures to be. This is the second stage complete.

The third stage can be quite a short appointment. This is what is called a try-in stage. The dentures are at this stage set in wax and can be changed. Sometimes it is a good idea to take along your partner or friend to get another opinion on the dentures. You need to check the appearance of the dentures, the size of the teeth the length of the teeth to make sure they are what you want. These things can not be changed once they have been properly made. Checking the colour is a big part of this appointment, It is a good idea to look at the colour under the dental light and also the natural light as you can get a clearer definition of the colour. If things are not what you would like you must speak up at this stage as it can't be changed once you agree to go to the next stage. Its always better to raise your concerns with the dentist than pay for something you are not happy with. If you do have concerns, these can be changed on the wax denture and you would require a re-try appointment the following week to make sure you are happy with the changes. This would push the stages to five instead of four. This stage is now complete.

At this appointment you should get the finished product, your dentures. The dentist will check to see if there are any sore spots if the denture is pressing anywhere. This can be adjusted to make it more comfortable. It will take the denture a few weeks to properly bed into you gums, so although they may feel comfortable soreness can sometimes start a few days or weeks later. You would need to go back to the dentist for these to be eased off. The bite will also be checked and can be adjusted at this stage as well.

Hopefully you will be happy with the finished product and not be as daunted by the process of denture making.


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