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Is it healthy?

Updated on May 19, 2015
Eat to live. Don't live to eat
Eat to live. Don't live to eat | Source

Eat for health.

We should learn to eat for health and not because it is tasty. These days, there are so many attractive foods in attractive packages that are not ideal for human consumption. The aim of many manufacturers are to sell their products, irrespective of the harmful substances that may be contained in them.

Before consuming any food, look at the ingredients and look at the ratio they are in: individually and then, the entire pack. It is advisable to stay from artificial flavourings and colours. Go for natural.

It is also true that, sometimes, we like to eat a little unhealthy. It is totally okay to only A LITTLE junk once in a while, say once or twice in six months.

Ensure that you regularly go for check-ups and test with a qualified doctor. This will make you aware of the food that are compatible with your system and the ones you are intolerant with. Make it a habit not to self medicate.

Have a good exercise/workout routine that you maintain and follow. Exercising and eating healthy are two ways to healthy living. There is no side effect to exercising, you should therefore exercise regularly.But, if you have a medical situation like hypertension, high blood pressure, you should meet a doctor to prescribe the appropriate type of exercise for you.

What do you drink?

Being truthful, we would rather drink soda and sweetened drinks than green tea and light lemonade. It is not necessarily because we like drinking unhealthy things. It is just man's nature to prefer sweet drinks to some other drink that isn't as tasty.

But, it is ideal to drink healthy drinks like: herbal tea, green tea, lemonades, and the likes. This is because we are sure of the ingredients that are used in the preparation. Carbonated drinks increase bloating and stomach aches. They are also very addictive because some of these drinks contain caffeine. We can not judge the manufactures of these drinks because, they want to sell their products. It is to their benefit if you are addicted to their product, because it increases the amount you will consume.

On the other hand, it is our responsibility to define what goes into our bodies. We can decide that we would opt for health and say NO to sweetened and carbonated drinks. Because when you think about it, there is really no good in carbonated and sweetened drinks than the initial feeling of satisfaction, after which, a lot of these harmful chemicals release their toxins to the body.

Drink a lot of healthy drinks
Drink a lot of healthy drinks | Source

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