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How much do you respect yourself

Updated on April 21, 2015

How much do you respect yourself, and how much do you think others respect you? When this quality is low, you refuse to view or value yourself as a real person with a unique identity. Thus, a negative body image becomes the root cause of all your problems.

The situation is worsened by the fact that you are greatly fascinated by the physiques flaunted by celebrities across the world and the accompanying fame that dogs their footsteps wherever they go. For instance, Britney Spears is an icon for adolescents, who love to be uninhibited and free in all areas, including dressing style.

photo credit: Radar via photopin (license)
photo credit: Radar via photopin (license)

Similarly, 23-year-old teen mom, Farah Abraham is a musician, author, porn star, stripper and reality show personality, all rolled into one. Many fascinated teenagers like you, might admire her boldness and trendy mindset, because you feel that you could never acquire the courage to do all the things she does.

According to you, all this is possible because she has a wonderful figure. In this kind of a scenario, it is expected that your mind will associate appreciation with a positive body image.

In fact, you go all out to attain celebrity status yourself via starvation, diet, rigorous exercise, and so on. This, in turn, leads to several other problems, as mentioned earlier.

You are not alone

You are not the only one facing such imbalances in mindset; it is a global phenomenon. Contemporary research studies reveal that over 80% of girls, aged 10 and above, are terrified of accumulating excess fat within their bodies. This means that they begin calorie counting at a tremendously vulnerable age.

Naturally, this self-monitoring tendency is only bound to increase, rather than decrease, as they grow older. It does not help that the media offers its own representations of what a perfect body should look like. Then again, sports celebrities, fashion models, movie stars and the jet-setting global crowd go all out to maintain and exhibit slim and trim physiques.

Unlike earlier years, the modern mindset revels in publicity and public appearances. They even undergo all kinds of elaborate and expensive cosmetic surgeries to change parts of the face, acquire a white skin and tone down ugly-looking body parts.

Be practical, can you afford to do the same? More important, is it necessary to be like them and imitate everything that they do?

Imperfection of life

No one of us is perfect. For some reason media has come to that point; almost everything is edited for to look better than it really looks like. Young people such as children and teens may really believe that world is this way and all women look perfect all the time.

Truth is quite apposite. In your heart you know this, just look around. How your mom does looks like? Do you know anyone who is looking perfect all the time? Do you know anyone who is acting well all the time? You know girls are human beings and humans fart, sweat and cry. Yak. That is the truth, get used to it.

Perfectionism is compared to illness.

I don't say be mediocre. I say: Be you! You are unique. Embrace that you are you.


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