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How self- Help boosts the Health of your Mind, Body and Spirit

Updated on September 18, 2015

Modern life has its own baggage of problems. Each day brings new challenges for us and they come in various forms like health problems, professional problems, mental stress, anxiety and depression. We always run to solve these problems, ignoring the fact who can help us better than we ourselves.

Relation of self and body can be best understood in the form of vrhicle and driver. Self is the driver and body is the vehicle; the driver his intelligence can move the vehicle easily in all type of good and bad conditions. Through self-training we can control our problems and change our life. Self can be trained through consistent efforts of infusing our mind with positivity.


Nowadays the word success has become synonym for professional and materialistic achievement. People generally struggle a lot to achieve them. Positive affirmations about self, boosts self-confidence. Inculcating simple habit of assuring our self every day that “yes I can do it" and focusing on our attributes creates a positive aura which shields us from all kind of negativity and paves the path of success for us. Key to success lies in the statement 'I can do it'. To believe in ourself is believing in the fact that god the generator with us.

Reinventing ourselves

Worst of the worst habits can be shed and best of the best habits can be acquired through self-help. Through positivity we can reinvent ourselves as more confident, smart and determined person. Self-help motivates us, it teaches us to love and appreciate ourselves. It makes us understand that what if others do not recognize my efforts, I know myself and I believe in myself. A whole new wave of confidence is automatically generated through these thoughts, which in turn helps us to shed our shortcomings and explore our hidden traits.

Happy family Environment

The life of human being starts with family and these family relations play a very important role in providing moral and emotional support. It is not easy to maintain healthy relations all the time. Thinking positively about ourselves and about our family members creates a positive environment which nourishes us completely and strengthens us so that we can fight against any problem.

Beating the monsters

One of the fastest mushrooming disease in modern world is anxiety which leads to more horrific disease depression. In both the cases it is found that people find solace through counselling and counsellors through various positive affirmations try to cure disorders. If we become our own counsellors and talk to ourselves regularly in positive manners, self-help may be as effective as anti-depressants in combating anxiety and depression. It secures us against our own negative feelings and emotions. It gives us the power to control our feelings rather than to be slave of them.

Relaxing Mind (mental state)

Days and nights move fast burdening us with their unending and tiring work schedules. They disturb us to the extent that after having six hours sleep we don’t feel relaxed. It appears that our mind continuously works resulting in a very irritating mental state. Self-help aids quietening the mind through meditation and makes it possible to achieve a relaxed mental state.

Improving Physical State

Health is one area which is everybody’s primary concern. It is well proven that people who had fighter spirit and who believed that they can defeat disease, became successful in getting rid of deadliest of the diseases like cancer. Those patients who are firm believer in themselves get well sooner than others. Doctors also suggest that medication along with self –help is the best cure for any type of disease.

Connecting to Supreme Power

Spirituality is food for a healthy mind. God who is our father is always present for us but our busy schedules never allow us to feel his presence. Talking positively helps us to connect to God which ultimately results in peace and harmony in life. God like a Wi-Fi internet connection, is always present around us we just need the correct password of positivity to connect to him. Putting our heart and soul in the right place and praying to God with positively can make us achiever in our life.


Self-help can be simply defined as aid given to us by ourselves. It is proven that we think positive, brain transmits mental waves which influences the environment around us. It creates a positive atmosphere which not only makes us positive but also sends positive vibrations to the people around us. Self-help gradually strengthen us from inside and is the best solution to elevate our condition and reduce our problems. We should always remember that God help those who help themselves.


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    • Adesh Saxena profile image

      Adesh 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      God is everywhere....God is in our heart too.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I agree. There is much we can do to help ourselves, and one of the most important is connecting to God. He is the source of all life and light. When we connect to him, we find our own inner identity and become more at peace with ourselves. We have the power and ability to see the good in ourselves and make it shine.