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The Benefits Of Swimming - How You Can Get Fit With This Exercise

Updated on September 19, 2012

What is swimming?

Swimming is a popular activity for people of all ages in all places. There are many styles of swimming to embrace in and each exercise works particular parts of your body, all equally great for toning. Not only is swimming great as a regular sport to keep fit and healthy, but also it is very fun. The cool feeling rippling against your smooth skin as you glide through the clear waters of a swimming pool or the ocean is so soothing and refreshing.

There are countless benefits to swimming that many people choose to ignore. This cardiovascular sport should more commonly be enjoyed as a regular part of your lifestyle, due to its brilliant effects mentally and physically.

Why is swimming good for the body?

Many experts have said that if swimming is incorporated regularly into a person’s lifestyle, then outstanding results will soon shine through.

The heart

Swimming helps to strengthen your heart muscles, which improves the delivery of oxygen to different parts of the body. This is very important for those who require help to get oxygen in certain parts of the body by other means. Taking on gentle swimming and building up as the weeks progress will not only give you a more toned body, but it will also reduce breathlessness and get you back to good health in no time.


Swimming a couple of times a week for half an hour to an hour will benefit in your strength. This is good for people of all ages, as when a person gets older they may lose the strength they once had. Gaining strength back is a guaranteed result from this relaxing yet exhilarating sport, and will leave you feeling younger and fitter than ever. Click here for some good strength training exercises.


Want to be as flexible as you once were? Then start swimming! Swimming is proven to benefit in the flexibility of all areas of your body. With regular swimming sessions your body will warm up and get used to moving in different positions which overall gives you extra flexibility. This can make the world of difference and certainly make you feel more comfortable doing regular day-to-day activities. Click here for some flexibility exercises.

Better physique

This seems like an obvious benefit of swimming, but many people don't realise just how effective swimming results have on your body. When swimming in different positions whether it's front crawl, breaststroke or backstroke, lots of muscles around your body are working hard at the strenuous activity you are undergoing. Over time this will help show parts of your body become incredibly defined, toned and shaped. Quite unlike any other sport can do.


That's right. It's a miracle sport. Swimming can help to repair and heal muscles that have otherwise been strained, torn or affected in some way. It will not be an immediate magical heal, but a sped up healing process that works naturally with your body.

Weight control

If you have trouble with fluctuating weight and you wish to control it, then swimming is a great option. Swimming can help to sustain and keep your body at a healthy weight, whilst toning and working your body in ways you can't imagine.

Stress & tension

At the end of a stressful day when leading a busy lifestyle, you may wish to curl up on the sofa and relax with a film and a glass of wine. As good as this may sound, swimming can also help to do so. Having a swim takes your mind off worrying issues and helps you to relax. After a swim you are sure to feel totally mellow and will have a guaranteed good nights sleep. This contributes in keeping you in shape, physically and mentally. Try it!

Leg & lower back problems

If you are one of the many people all over the world who has to put up with constant leg and lower back problems for some reason, then taking up swimming can assist in ridding of this problem. Swimming is known to help leg and lower back problems considerably because of the aerobic benefits and the motions of moving under the water. Unlike other sports or activities, swimming does not put any strain on the connective tissues in the body.

Social benefits

As well as other sports can bring people together; swimming can do so extremely well. Everyone in the family is sure to enjoy a swim at some point or another, whatever the age. Inviting friends and family to a swimming day out means the children can play with water activities whilst the adults can either relax in the surroundings or simply do a gentle workout for the body. Great fun!

Calorie burner

If you had a treat that you want to work out then burn it off with a swim. Swimming burns 3 calories a mile per each pound of body weight. An example of this would be if a person weighed 150 lbs and swam a mile in half an hour. This would result in 900 calories being burnt in the entire hour! Pretty impressive, huh?


Swimming is ideal for pregnant women. Having a gentle swim or afternoon session in the pool can help to tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles. This is beneficial because it is essential to have strong abdominal muscles when carrying a baby. In addition to this, it helps to strengthen back muscles, which are crucial for the weight of carrying a child. Discomfort, high blood pressure and join stiffness which are common problems associated with pregnancy, can be eliminated by exercising in water. Click here for some pregnancy swimming exercises.

Post surgery

Obviously it is important to consult your doctor about going swimming following an operation, as some people may have to wait a few weeks or months to avoid infection. Nonetheless, when the body is ready to be immersed into the water once gain, swimming can help to exercise the many major muscle groups, which can speed up the recovery process.

Start swimming regularly

There are so many benefits to swimming that you'd be crazy not to start right away! Swimming can help a person feel much happier mentally and physically.

If you do not wish to go alone, then ask some friends or a family member to join you, as a way of making it more fun! Take a look at your local pool timetable and get your swimsuit on!

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    • profile image

      sarah 6 years ago

      i wish that i can swim but i can't balance myself and get scared of water :( :(

    • Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

      Tracy Lynn Conway 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      You have really covered all of the bases here. I have always loved to swim and found it an especially useful way to keep fit during pregnancy. Voted up and useful.

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      Great information and a reminder of the tremendous benefits of swimming. Voted up and useful.