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How Technology Can Help You With Menopause?

Updated on March 10, 2018
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Most common symptoms of Menopause
Most common symptoms of Menopause | Source

Menstruation is part of every woman’s life. In a much better way, it is an essential part of our (women) reproductive cycle, but is still hardly talked about in a detail it deserves to be. Now, since the technology has become so enrich with the ideas and has been extended to help us in every part of our life, people have started talking about their experiences and learning other stories in an extreme open manner.
According to estimation, as the world’ population grows; there will be more than 1 billion postmenopausal women across the globe by 2025. As the society is developing and accepting new changes, it is high time that we, women in this stage of our life must get the support we always needed, which can ease our that time, when there is often a requirement of physical and emotional adjustment.
To our best luck ever, there has been lots of technological advances and some are still in progress that can help us to measure and eliminate some of the difficult symptoms that come along with the menstrual cycle, especially when it is in its last stage.
Before reading about the solutions, I highly recommended to consult with the doctor as everyone has a different case and these solutions many not be applicable to everyone. So now, here are some few solutions that can help us during our tough days:


Formerly developed to check periods and fertility, the app Clue has extended its functionality to track the menopause symptoms in a much efficient manner.

In this app, you the option to write about your mood swings, physical activity and more. The provided information improves the identification process of this app about regular patterns to aid early-onset diagnosis. Since, the earliest stages of menopause can identified up to ten years before it actually happens, it is a must to keep an eye on noticeable symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes and vaginal dryness.

Menopause View

Similar to the app Clue, Menopause View helps you to record your daily feelings and thoughts. Besides working as a daily diary, the app also contains a glossary of over 175 definitions. Not only this, the app also has blogs written by women, who have gone through either professional or personal experience of menopause. I recommended reading these blogs as it can help you to deal with the anxiety, mood swings and ease you to easily adapt with the bodily changes.
There, possibly, can be other physical symptoms during menopause that you should keep track to share with your doctor. The app is very helpful for the same. Besides these benefits, it can also record blood pressure, weight and medication reminders.


LadyCare is a fine example of innovation, developed by SM magnetic fields. The device can help in reduction of hot flushes and also improves anxiety levels by enhancing the parasympathetic activities. To do so, the device must be clipped to the waistband of the undergarments. It also reduces stress and provides comfort sleep during the process of menopause.
The device is water proof and can be used during exercise. It is also compatible with body rods and other related medical devices.


Generally, the most difficult thing during menopause is to fight with the emotional symptoms such as feeling low or fatigued. Headspace is one such app that deals with psychological symptoms rather than physical ones. It is one of the highly recommended apps, when it comes to dealing with peace of mind and meditation. It helps you to relieve and revive your thoughts and feelings.
You can choose a particular exercise programme or pick up what you want. It is a reminder app that can help you promote your inner peace and healthy mind set.


Elvie is very different from the rest of the above mentioned technological tools. It deals with the weakening of pelvic floor that occurs during menopause. As the stage of menopause reaches, the pelvic floor starts to get weaken to a very high level that can cause lower back pain and other physical problems. Calm down, there is nothing to be embarrassed about; the problem is faced by one in three women across the globe.
To counter act the problem, Elvie is quite a comfortable device, which is placed inside you. It acts as a personal trainer that can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles by practicing simple kegel exercises. You can track your progress by linking it to an app. The device comes with two years of warranty. Since, this situation is very difficult to monitor on your own, the device allows you to perfectly visualize it. It has proved to be efficient enough in relieving the problems and showing improvements within a week.


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