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How to Accept Yourself and Your Life

Updated on August 29, 2013

How to Accept Yourself

One of the most difficult endeavor some people go through is to learn how to accept themselves and in turn how to become the people they are supposed to be and who they are meant to be.

In order to live our lives to the utmost fullest, we all must learn how to accept ourselves for who we are; we must accept our bodies, our minds, our personalities, our quirks, our flaws, and our intelligence. Once we can accept ourselves, we can be happy with our lives, and grow into the people we are meant to be and help others reach a new understanding and acceptance of themselves as well. Life is so much more fulfilling when we all learn how to not only accept each other, but accept ourselves as well.

The Lesson of Not Accepting Yourself

When you can not accept yourself in every (or any) aspect of your life depression will sink in and you will not be as happy as you should be. When you cannot accept yourself, you wallow in your own shit, stay in bed for long hours, and hate getting up and partaking in all of the things you would normally enjoy. When you cannot accept yourself, you hate the way you look in your skin and clothes, you hate the way you act and interact with and around others, you believe that you lack intelligence, and you just hate everything about yourself. This leads to an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

Learn Accept Yourself in Every Way

Learn how to Accept Your Body

Is it difficult for you to accept the body and skin that you live in? This is a semi-normal feeling. At some point in everyones life it can be difficult to enjoy and respect the skin that one was born into, but to have a happy life, you must accept your body, and love it. Accepting your body may not be the easiest task for you to learn, but it is possible. You must come to the realization that you were born with this body, and you must take care of it. Everything you consume will affect this body were you given; everything you consume will effect your weight, and your health, so you must take care of it and consume healthy food to maintain a weight that you are comfortable with. Exercise is also vital in learning how to accept your body. Once you begin to eat well and exercise, you will be able to see the results you desire as well as feel better, both body and mind. You do not have to be skinny to be able to accept your body, you just have to get to a point where you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.

Learn to Accept Your Personality

It can be difficult to learn how to accept your individual personality, especially if other people consider you to be odd, weird, crazy, insecure, quiet, introverted, etc, but your individual and unique personality is what makes you, you. Your personality separates you from the herd and makes you stand out. Having a unique personality is not a weakness, but an incredible strength; never settle to become someone others desire you to be, become who you are supposed to be and who you believe you should become. You must come to a realization that your personality cannot be changed, you can suppress it to please others, but suppressing your personality takes a tremendous amount of work, dedication, and will only make you miserable. Never suppress your personality to please others, allow yourself to shine through the darkness of the others that surround you. Once you accept your personality and allow it to shine, you will become so much happier and more comfortable within yourself.

Learn to Accept Your Quirks and Flaws

Everyone has quirks that make them a little strange, and everyone has flaws that make them imperfect. Quirks and flaws are unavoidable, you have them, and you have to accept them, because as life goes on, more will surface. Your quirks are what make you cute, and your flaws are what make you human, learn to accept them because they more than likely are going to stay within you for life.

Learn to Accept Your Intelligence

Every person has a different level of intelligence; some people are book smart, while others are street smart, and some are both. Some people have common sense while others lack it. Some people can learn easily, while others have to work at it. Just because you have a different level of intelligence than others does not make you stupid or less of a person, it just makes you different, it gives you a different view of life, and a different perspective. Your intelligence is never set in stone, you are able to change your level of intelligence with hard work, education, new experiences, and observation.

Never Worry About What Others Think of You

To be able to accept yourself, you have to learn how to never worry about others perception of you. People are judgmental and will always have a perception of you that may be a little distorted, this is their issue, not yours. If some people do not like you or are mean toward you, avoid them in your life, surround yourself with people that accept you for everything that you are (and surround yourself with those who make you better than you ever though possible). Be yourself, and own your life, and you will become a happier person in the end.

Once you accept yourself, you can express yourself.

Life is all about making mistakes, learning lesson, accepting yourself, and growing older and wiser. Accept yourself, express yourself, and ignore those who do not like you for everything that you are.


© 2013 Jami Johnson


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      It only took me about five decades. LOL I guess you could say I'm a bit of a slow learner.

      Great points made here my friend.

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 3 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      I love it, Jami! This is a positive message that I completely agree with.

      Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a great day.

      Voted up and sharing.

      ~ Kathryn

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 3 years ago from Norfolk

      I love this. I also love the warmth which comes from your writing. Your message should be taught in schools so that all our children can grow up feeling comfortable in their bodies and with themselves. This is such an important message - it is a shame it takes us all so long to accept ourselves just as we are. Definitely voting this one up.


    • MDavisatTIERS profile image

      Marilyn L Davis 3 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you Jami. It can take, as someone else has commented, decades to accept our unique selves. I have a theory - we are all as individual as we are for a reason. Each of us provides a different perspective on things, adds our own specific flavor to a project or the moment, and each of us gives when we can, and asks for help when we can't.

      We are not made in the image of another human, unless twin of course, and in our lives, we must only strive to be the best "us" we can be, not trying to deny our uniqueness, but learing to love and value it.

      Voted up.

    • healthmunsta profile image

      healthmunsta 3 years ago

      This was a great read! I agree with all points completely, if only I could keep them in mind all the time. I would say I'm still on the journey of accepting myself, but I have a feeling I'll get there soon!

      @MDavisatTIERS, Wow, I love your theory! It's a great way of looking at things and learning to accept oneself!

    • Danext profile image

      Dan Lema 3 years ago from Tanzania

      Another great article JamiJay, this is one of the biggest problems which people go through right now in today's world where everyone is trying to fit in......Traumas are the reason why people go through the process of not accepting themselves, due to past bad experiences. When a person as an individual has realized this through self-awareness, it becomes easier to fix themselves or find people who can help them........

    • FatBoyThin profile image

      Colin Garrow 2 years ago from Kinneff, Scotland

      It's a bit scary how much of this struck home for me - maybe a little too much. You're so right about how we should strive to be ourselves and not try to be who or what other people want us to be. Thanks for sharing.

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