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How to Add Some Zest to Boring Fruit Juices

Updated on December 23, 2014
Fruit Juices
Fruit Juices

The fact is that fruit has a delicate nature; any kind of processing destroys its potential value. The best way to eat a fruit is by itself, as a fresh smoothie and then a juice, but not packaged, as most nutrients are lost before they even enter your system.

Fresh fruit smoothies are the finest, most real form of fruit supplements. All the nutrients that the human body requires are present in balanced quantities in fresh fruit smoothies. They can be used by our bodies only when they are consumed as part of the whole food in which they occur.

Their delicious flavors quench our thirst and satisfy us so that we do not reach for the harmful thirst quenchers such as sodas, coffee and packaged drinks. They carry the added benefits of fruits, naturally increasing energy to stabilize metabolism. With metabolism in check, it is much easier to keep desired weight off, or even help in fighting binge eating.

Other than mother’s milk; there is no finer food for infants and young children than fresh fruit smoothies or juices. Fresh fruit extracts help you lose weight and feel great.

Enjoy them slowly if gulped, they may upset the blood sugar level. Including smoothie’s recipes in your everyday life means increasing the photochemical level in your diet and adding anti-oxidants to it; they are great for vitality and energy.

Blend two or three fruits together with some crushed ice and yogurt and serve chilled. Go ahead and raise smoothies for your health!!!

orange juice
orange juice

Orange Sunrise

How to add some zest to boring fruit juices


· 150 ml orange juice

· 100 ml pineapple juice

· 40gm banana

· 6 apples

· 6 juice of 2 lemons (freshly squeezed)

· 2 cups of water


Puree five apples in a food processor, finely chop the sixth one and add to the puree. Now add water and lemon juice and whisk lightly. Freeze it in a blender; mix orange juice, pineapple juice and banana. Serve with scoops of apple sorbet

Fascinating Grape


· 50 gm grapes

· 30 gm banana

· 120 ml pineapple juice


Chop the grapes and bananas into fine pieces. Put it in a mixer and blend with pineapple juice. Pour the juice in tall glasses and top with lots of ice.

Citrus Cold Buster


· 40 ml orange juice

· 10 gm ginger

· 20ml honey


Pour orange juice with ginger in a mixer and blend. In a tall glass pour the juice and top it with honey. You can even thin slivers of ginger at the bottom to chew through. Stir just before serving.

Cool Cucumber


· 200 ml cucumber juice

· 40 ml apple juice

· 2 springs mint


In a mixer, pour cucumber juice, apple juice and ice. Blend and strain to remove ice. Garnish with mint springs and serve.

Hangover Relief


· 30 ml apple juice

· 120 ml carrot juice

· 60 ml orange juice

· 10 ml celery juice

· 10 gms ginger


Mix apple juice, carrot juice, orange juice, celery juice and ginger in a grinder and blend. Pour over ice and serve garnished with fruit slices.


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