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How to Administer First Aid to Bandage a Wound

Updated on December 30, 2012

Firstly, one must make a sound assessment of the severity of the wound. There can be not mistakes at this point.

Great wound care is an art and a science. Great surgeons make a great living, not just because they can do great surgeries, but because of great "after-care," which includes the very best "wound care" that money can buy.

The above having been said, this discourse gives you "my advise" to the non-professional who wants to do basic wound care for "minor," that is, "MINOR," wounds.

And this is a good question, "What is a minor wound, and what is a major, more serious, wound?"

Location of the wound, size of the wound, cause of the wound, and depth of the wound, are all critical factors to consider when attempting to make an assessment of the severity of a wound. Making the initial assessment, correctly, is important, because this is when you will decide on whether or not to to seek out professional help. If you do not know, or if you are fearful about the situation, then seek out professional help.

Location: A wound around the eye socket, or in the eye socket, is serious, until you have gotten a professional assessment to rule-out a serious injury. A hard blow, to the head, resulting in a wound to the scalp, face, ears, may be serious. Major wounds to the hands, feet, or genitalia may be serious, so have it checked out by a professional.

Size: Usually, the larger the wound, the more serious it is. A large gaping wound even looks serious to most people. Go to the doctor if you have this situation, obviously. However, don't be fooled by a very small wound that happens to be a "puncture" wound. Puncture wounds are those wounds caused by objects such as ice-picks, knives (knife stab wounds), or any sharp, pointed object. An exception kind of puncture wound would be a snake bite, where fangs are stuck into the skin and pulled, immediately out, creating punctures. Puncture wounds can be dangerous if not cleaned properly, and treated properly. Professionals should be consulted to take care of puncture wounds.

Cause: It is important to assess the cause of the wound, immediately and definitively, to be sure that correct action is taken, in some cases, in a very timely manner.

If one is stung by a bee, and one is not allergic to bees, one can buy time. However, if one is allergic to bees, and happen to get stung, time is critical. People who are allergic to bees should have bee-sting kits, if they live in environments where bees live. A person who is allergic to bees who gets stung presents to the emergency room with a true emergency, that is, if they can make it to the emergency room without dying first. I am not trying to scare anyone. I am simply being realistic and direct in the advise that I am giving out.

Another cause of a wound that could be life threatening is a snake bite. Snakes can kill! If you get bitten by a snake, go to the emergency ASAP. If you can identify the snake that bite you, do it. Don't waste time searching under rocks, looking through the grass, or otherwise losing time. Time is of the essence, this is a true emergency!

Rusty nails, and other items that cause puncture wounds, are serious. See professional for puncture wounds. They will explain the details to you.

Depth: Obviously, deep wounds are more serious that shallow wounds. The deeper the wound, the more tissue that have been damaged. Under the skin there are vessels, (lymphatics, veins and arteries), nerves, bone, tendons and ligaments. If the wound is deep, go in to professionals to get optimum care. Period.

At this point I have reached the limit for the number of words that I usually allow myself for discourses on HubPages. I don't like to write my compositions too long. However, I have not told you what to do to care for your wounds at home. All household should have first-aid kits available for emergencies. One never knows when something bad is going to happen and you will need first aid medical care items available to you. Did you ever need a band aid, or other simple item, like what you can find in a first aide kit, and you could not find it. You would have known what to do, (most mothers are experts at first aide for their families).

If you cannot afford a "ready made" first aide kit, make up your own. Get a shoe box, or other container, and start getting your supplies together, one by one. Buy a little here, a little there, and pretty soon, you will have a "first-rate" first aid kit.

In summary in caring for wounds. I did not give you much advice. But I can assure you. There is a great place where a professional work, and he or she, is willing to give you free advice on how to approach your first aide situation for wound care. It is your neighborhood pharmacist. He or she is an excellent, and very available, health care professional. They are smart! Truly smart about a lot of things. We take them for granted. They can even give you advice on whether or not you should go in for a particular kind of wound. Trust me!

If you will approach your wound care situations with what I have given you (off the top of my head, so it is not a complete approach to wound care), you will be okay. You will notice, that I don't play around. I am serious about everything that I do when it comes to medicine and health-care. Nobody, have ever "come to grief" by following advice that I have given them. I treat everybody, as if, they were my own children or grandchildren. This way, I don't make any mistakes, foolishly. Life is too precious.

Take care. Happy New Year! Best regards,

Dr. Haddox


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