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How to Always Be in a Good Mood - 21 Tips

Updated on December 28, 2015
Jayne Lancer profile image

After almost 20 years in the beauty business, Jayne knows that cosmetics alone won't make us look good; it must come from the inside, too.

The best way to look good is to feel good, and the only way to feel good is by being in a good mood. How to get into a good mood no matter what the weather, or whether you're at work or play—keep smiling!

21 Tips to Help You Get into a Good Mood

Tip #1 Swing Your Arms

Here's an instant mood booster: lift your head, take big strides and swing your arms. You might prefer to do this when nobody is looking.

Tip #2 Good Mood Food

Sweet foods stimulate the release of serotonin, a compound that induces feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Treat yourself to something you can savor slowly, like a chocolate fondue.


Stress is a major cause of moodiness, so smiling is the last thing you feel like doing when under pressure. But plastering a smile on your face alleviates stress by slowing the pulse rate.

Tip #4 Bedside Flowers

Waking up to the scent of a beautiful bouquet might be the best way to start the day (depending on who's lying beside you). Keep flowers on your nightstand.

Tip #5 A Sad Movie

We all enjoy a good cry, so why not take in a sad, sentimental movie like ‘Love Story’ or ‘Titanic’. Ironically, such films leave us feeling happier and more content.


Look for good mood music videos on the Internet. One of my favorites is ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams. It makes me feel like dancing through the streets!


If you’ve got an hour to spare, treat yourself to a Thai massage. Let soft Asian music and exotically scented oils soothe your senses while gentle hands pamper you from head to toe.


Boost your mood with snap shots of the kids to remind you of how proud you are to be a parent. You can display them on your desk, on the fridge and on your vanity table.

Tip #9 Hug Somebody

Body contact evokes an array of good feelings, including love and a sense of belonging. Embrace, kiss, cuddle and hug whenever the opportunity arises.

Tip #10 Choose Where You Shop

Rude people are bound to put you in a bad mood. Shop where you know staff are super friendly. The same goes for restaurants or anywhere else that offers a service.

Tip #11 Renew Your Magazine Subscriptions

A study by the University of Maryland reveals that people who read newspapers and magazines are generally happier and less likely to suffer depression than those who only watch TV.

Embrace, kiss, cuddle and hug whenever the opportunity arises.
Embrace, kiss, cuddle and hug whenever the opportunity arises.

Tip #12 Morning Sunshine

It's no wonder you feel lousy if you get out of bed in darkness each morning! Get yourself an alarm clock with a built-in sunrise simulator—scientists in Finland and Holland have confirmed such devices as highly effective.

Tip #13 Dance the Night Away

It doesn’t matter how old you are; grab your best friend or better half, go downtown and dance the night away, just like you did in more carefree days. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy your favorite cocktail!

Tip #14 Spoil Yourself

Be naughty and treat yourself to those gorgeous shoes even if they are wickedly overpriced; or stop by at a pavement café for a glass of bubbly; or select the most expensive dish on the menu. Decadence is a wonderful mood lifter.

Tip #15 Old Photo Albums

Pore over old photos and relive past vacations or happy events like weddings, birthdays and Christmas celebrations.

Stay in a good mood with citrus fragrance.
Stay in a good mood with citrus fragrance.

Tip #16 Fresh Citrus Fragrance

Zesty smells ignite positive energy, which is why aroma therapists use citrus fragrances to boost mood. Sprinkle essential oil of lemon around the house, and take your morning shower with a citrus scented body wash.

Tip #17 Green Power Smoothie

Secondary plant substances provide the ultimate energy kick for a great sense of wellbeing. Just throw the following ingredients in the blender and enjoy: half a cucumber, one banana, half a fresh pineapple, a slice of fresh ginger, a handful of lamb’s lettuce, and half a pint of flat mineral water.

Tip #18 Text Messages

Send your best friend an amusing text message. It might be an anecdote or a good joke, but don’t forget the smiley!

Tip #19 Bright Colors

Yellow, red, purple, orange—drive away the blues with vibrant colors, especially during the gray winter months. No matter how dull the day, all you need are a couple of brightly colored accessories like a scarf, necktie, ring or cuff links to put you in a sunny disposition.

Tip #20 Cute Videos

Watching videos of baby animals, like an elephant bathing for the first time, or a foal taking its first steps, is sure to make you smile.

Tip #21 Karaoke

Singing enhances mood like no other activity, so set your inner child free and play ‘pretend’. Be a rock star for an hour or two! If you’ve got the courage, deliver a performance at your local karaoke bar. If not, look for a karaoke video of your favorite song on YouTube.

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Third image: “Muscular Male With Lemon” by Imagerymajestic/

© 2014 Jayne Lancer


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