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How to Live a More Fulfilling Life

Updated on February 5, 2018
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I find myself reading and learning something new everyday so i decided to share that knowledge on a platform filled with curious minds.

The social formula to living a life of success and happiness is fairly standard among all cultures around the world. Working hard in high school and post secondary school, making a 6 figure salary or owning a business, getting married before your 30 years old, having kids and buying a house for your family. If you follow this blueprint you will live a life worth living. If only life was this simple.

As you know or will come to know in the future, life doesn't and in most cases will not follow such a smooth plan. But that is OK because there is no right way to live life, you will succeed in some areas,fail in other areas but be better for it. You may get married very young or married when your 40, both instances are neither right nor wrong, but they are the reality you have to deal with.

Guideline to Living a Fulfilled Life

Regardless of your current situation; whether you are going through divorce or are in between jobs, this simple guideline may open your mind to seeing the world through a different lens and experiencing life in a more positive light.

  • accept good AND bad experiences. By accept i mean not ignoring or trying to forget the bad experiences we go through. The bad experience can be not getting into your preferred school or breaking up with your dream girl or the millions of other situations that are not ideal but we go through on a daily basis. The experience can not be changed or easily forgotten so we let it affect our mood and overall outlook on life. Instead of viewing it as "bad", we should look at it through a different lens. An experience which taught you what not to do next time or to work harder and focus more time on your area of study. Even a bitter divorce can be a learning experience on what type of person to avoid or how to act more considerately toward your spouse. Look for the silver lining in everything you do no matter how difficult it may be at first.
  • trust your feelings and instincts. When faced with a problem you are unsure of, rely on your experience and gut feeling to get you through. Often when faced with a difficult problem, we start over analyzing the problem looking for something we missed or we may hand over the responsibility to someone else in hopes of avoiding the stressful situation. a lot of the time, you first impression of what to do and how to do it is usually correct. We may have come across a similar problem or have experienced someone else solving it so your body tells you the only way it knows how, through your feelings.
  • live in the moment without thinking of the past or future. I know many people who constantly fixate on their past accomplishments or worry about when their going to get married. Both these situations are out of your control and potentially distract you from living in the moment and appreciating what's in front of you. You can learn from your past mistakes but don't think about the "what if" situation like what you could have done differently and planning for the future is never bad, but there is only so much planning you can do before it starts becoming distracting.
  • looking for new challenges. Whatever situation is presented, keep an open mind and avoid looking for a way out. Some of the best experiences you will have in life may come from joining a friend on a hike, going bungee jumping, jumping out of a plane or something simpler like going for a cross country road trip. You may not enjoy the experience but at least you tried it and know for certain its not for you. Not everything is going to be a home run but the experiences that are will last with you.

I hope this simple guideline can help you navigate and get through the various hurdles in your life. Life may be complex but that doesn't mean we should live our lives that way.


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