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How to Avoid Hangover, Hangover Tips

Updated on March 9, 2017

As you wait for the floor above your head to go down and the ceiling under your bed to go up, and clutch the bed with all your strength to stop it from spinning so vehemently; you promise to quit drinking. But then, promises are meant to be broken and you are surely not quitter!!!


And your mind wonders… can these hangovers be avoided?

  • Well, if not fully, the severity can be lessened for sure.
  • Just keep these simple things in mind while you go boozing the next tme!!!
  • Don’t mix your drinks. Multiple types of alcohol increases the chances of getting a hangover.
  • Dilute the effect with water. Quaff a glass of water after every drink. This would prevent dehydration.
  • Take a break before you guzzle the next peg.
  • Don’t eat too much sugar before and while you drink.
  • Eat something before you start off with the fish act.
  • Avoid cheap drinks, especially cheap whiskeys.
  • Take one 400mg Vitamin B6 at the beginning, middle and end of the party.
  • The darker the drink the greater the hangover. Go for drinks with less concentration of congener, like vodka and gin. Try to stay away from those tequila shots.
  • Stop before you get zonked out.
  • Drink lots of water when you’re taking alcohol

All said and done, what about the hangover you already into?

Few Tips that can get you back in shape:

  • Drink tons of water.
  • Pop two painkillers, 600mg Vitamin C and one tablet of Vitamin B-complex.
  • Make a juice of three oranges and one lemon and drink it.
  • Drink some sports drinks like Gatorade.
  • Honey mixed with water or tea might soothe the dry mouth.
  • Have carbohydrates as breakfasts. Go for pastas or toasted brown breads.
  • Take one cup of orange juice and one cup of milk, a banana, some nutmeg, half a can of RedBull, two tablespoons of honey and blend them together. Add some salt and gulp it down.
  • Alternately, take two tomatoes, four slices of onion, three tablespoons of vineger, three tablespoons of sugar, some lemon juice, and two teaspoons of Tabasco sause. Put everything in a mixer and add pepper and salt to taste.

Sleep cures all. If nothing works. GO BACK TO BED!!!!!


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