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How to Avoid "The Disinformation Storm"

Updated on April 23, 2010

Be Where You Interpret Reality NOT the "Disinformation Storm"


Be Where You Interpret Reality, not the "Disinformation Storm"

They call this place "the Atman". It is deep within your abdomen and it's where the flame never flickers". Our society is presently under siege. We are all being bombarded by disturbing thoughts and feelings in the hope that we will "lose our soul" (our personalities). When you confront these disturbing sights and sounds, you must be down in this place where your interpretation of reality cannot be twisted around to make you think that the "scene" you see before you is ABOUT YOU. This is good, because I'd really rather not be: "a baby", "a date for another man", a woman, a child, a dog, a computer.........anything less than ME!

When you combine pictures and words in a certain open-ended way and you hit someone with Subliminal-suggestions that try and FORCE you to see things in a way that bears no resemblance to reality will SEEM like you are the people/things depicted in the "show" designed to rob you of your sanity. Certain STIMULI are used in conjunction with feelings/thoughts that are from an OUTSIDE SOURCE, NOT YOU. Examples include: "a baby" (who apparently is an adult male who is to be "trained" to think that he is a homosexual), a dog (who is to obey his "master" at all times (including coerced sexual favors through invisible electronic torture), a "bride" (who is to be the "receiver" in a homosexual act), a computer (which is to be deprived of all humanity) or a ball (homosexual whore?) or a pregnant woman. Now........I know that no one in their right mind would want to be anything they are not, so I am going to teach you how to avoid LOSING YOUR IDENTITY.

The first thing you'll feel is ANGER at the feeling that you are being portrayed as such. You'll tear whatever-it-is to bits because you feel INVADED. Although this is perfectly understandable given the must NOT EMOTIONALLY REACT. Don't buy it, don't fight it............just go into your atman and remain perfectly calm. These are TRAPS designed to select who will be "recycled" (ripped to shreds psychologically, then rebuilt as something bearing no resemblance to the original personality). Somehow, the point where reality gets processed FEELS AS THOUGH IT'S DEEP WITHIN THE ABDOMEN. Go there and calmly say "I am not this person or thing.....I am myself and nobody else". This SHORT-CIRCUITS the attempt of the modern-media and "gangstalkers" from "gutting and flipping" you into a confused human being who has lost control of his REALITY-TESTING. This will prevent you from doing something that YOU REALLY WOULDN'T EVER NORMALLY WANT TO DO IN A THOUSAND YEARS.

People who have submitted naturally feel like they have been raped. They feel worthless, so when whatever-this-is tells them "no, this is JUST WONDERFUL" they begin to eat it up like a rape victim who rationalizes a rape by being very sexually active to prove that they "wanted it all along" and were NOT coerced into doing something completely against their nature. This, by the way is known as the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, which basically says a person will do anything to avoid feeling that they were taken advantage of, even BY EMBRACING the thing they were tricked into doing. It's subliminal advertising with an EDGE. It hits you INSIDE where you least expect an attack to come. Your out there fighting these people/depictions while they twist HOW YOU INTERPRET REALITY around into something unreal. A wise friend always said "fight from within". I add to his wisdom:CALMLY bend reality into what it SHOULD look like. Stay away from the television and movies.......because they aren't there for entertainment anymore: they are there to DESTROY YOUR IDENTITY, POSSIBLY TO MAKE YOU ENGAGE IN AN ACT OF DEGRADATION and rob you of the ability to think for yourself!

IF this has has happened to must first be able to understand that you were TRICKED and that most people fell for it so you don't have to be ashamed of yourself. Secondly, defend your EARS. Desensitize them with loud music, wear earplugs to bed, get Abilify which makes it harder for this B.S. to get into your head. has STUFF THAT WORKS. Get a Silver-Tex suit and buy two silver-lining shirts (then put them between two layers of tight-fitting underclothing to defend yourself from UN-NATURAL AROUSAL and the "electric love poke"). SLOWLY get yourself together until you've "gotten your inner-voice back". Then maybe we can DO something about these pr&*s!


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