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How to Be Happy? | 7 Steps to be a Happier Person

Updated on December 5, 2015
How to be Happy?
How to be Happy? | Source

How to Be Happy

Happiness is something that cannot be purchased with money. It is a state of mind, which generally depends on our activities and contemplations. It is a fusion of our positive thoughts and constructive activities. Our negative musings can be a great hurdle in the way of our delight and joy. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” When everything is up to our choice and mood, then we feel happy. However, it ought to be remembered that there are a few minutes in our lives when we are vexed and don't know how to dispose of it. Following are some tips, which can assist us to get control over sadness:

How to Be Happy?
How to Be Happy? | Source

Enjoy Nature

Nature has dependably been an extraordinary wellspring of inspiration as well as joy for us. Nature is gifted with all its paraphernalia to ease our stress. Nature has got a healing power for all our miseries. It has the power to sooth our anguished mind and heart. Adam Alter writes in his book, Drunk Tank Pink, “People who are exposed to natural scenes aren't just happier or more comfortable; the very building blocks of their physiological well-being also respond positively”. William Wordsworth was likewise an extraordinary adherent to the recuperating force of nature. His whole poetry is a discourse on the influence of nature on human beings. Snow packed mountains, lush green grass, tumultuous streams, meadows, moors and orchards could be an incredible source of happiness. Thus passing a couple of minutes in the company of nature can be a great source of joy and happiness. Just give it try and feel the difference!

A girl is listening to music to get happy.
A girl is listening to music to get happy. | Source

Listen to Music

Music plays a vital role in getting rid of sadness. Music is thought to be the sustenance of soul. It not only eases the agony and pangs of our lives, but also puts us in a state of extreme ecstasy. This sort of situation brings us immaculate delight. William Shakespeare considered music to be an essential nourishment of love. He says in Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Music has a very soothing effect on our mind. It soothes our mind and diminishes pain. Fast music has a peculiar association with our pulse. Studies recommend that fast music brings about increase in our pulse, which forces us to shake our body and snap our fingers with the song. This unique behaviour of our body gives rise to happiness. Every living soul has got some reminiscences. When we listen to a piece of music, it reminds us of those moments, which we have long forgotten. Those overlooked moments bring about joy for us. Moreover, music diverts our attention to a specific idea and proves as a means of escape from the real world. Thus to dispense with sadness, we must set aside some time to enjoy music and get happy.

A Couple is Watching TV.
A Couple is Watching TV. | Source

Watch Movies

If you are feeling dismal and don't know how to adapt to it, then, watching comic movies might be an extraordinary panacea to the greater part of your anxiety and misery. Motion pictures bring about catharsis of our sentiments and feelings. When we watch a movie, we disregard ourselves and get immersed in it to such an extent that we start identifying ourselves with the characters. We forget the real world and transport ourselves into the world of imagination. This flight of imagination helps us escape from the humdrum world. In this case, nullification of oneself results in enjoyment and delight for us. Just switch over to funny movies of Mr. Bean or whatever viable comic character and get happy.

If you want to be happy, talk to your friend.
If you want to be happy, talk to your friend. | Source

Talk to Your Friend

Catharsis of emotions is much the same as discharging a detainee from a lock up. Emotions are like prisoners locked up in our body. They need to be released to enjoy the external environment. Henceforth, when we are vexed, we need to share our melancholy with someone close to our heart. Bosom friend is the only person around us who can listen to the voice of our heart and share our sadness. If you want to minimize your sadness, just make a call to your friend and share with him whatever is in your heart. Friends are astoundingly vital in our lives, because we are intimate with them and we can share anything with them without any social restrictions. So, it’s utmost important to be in the company of a good friend so that to get rid of stress for a moment. Reticence and solitude may take toll on our health. According to Aristotle, human being is a gregarious creature. He cannot live without the company of other people. “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god”, says Aristotle. The more we are in the company of friends, we feel relaxed and comfortable free from the cares of world.

A woman is sleeping. Sound sleep decreases tension and boredom. When you get up, you will fresh and happy.
A woman is sleeping. Sound sleep decreases tension and boredom. When you get up, you will fresh and happy. | Source

Get Some Sleep

Sound sleep assumes an exceptionally noteworthy part in minimizing our anxiety. It is said that a man can live without food, but he cannot live without proper sleep. Nowadays, most of people are suffering from anxiety and stress due to lack of proper sleep. Studies prescribe that more than six hours sleep is needed for an ordinary individual. Sleep restores our vigour and whets our memory after every day routine work. It revitalizes our brain as well as makes us feel fresh and healthy. Lack of sleep also influences our behaviour. It makes us peevish and irritable. If you want to get fresh and happy, then you should sleep well.

A woman is bathing to get relaxed.
A woman is bathing to get relaxed. | Source

Take a Bath

Bathing in deep and hot water can additionally minimize our tension. When we are exhausted and tired, we prefer to take a bath. Why? Because bathing especially in swimming pool relaxes our body. It refreshes our nerves and fuels our blood circulation, which result in freshness of our mind. We feel fresh, healthy and happy after having taken a bath. If you want to get relaxed and forget the worries, just take a hot or cold bath.

How to be Happy? Practice your religion.
How to be Happy? Practice your religion. | Source

Religious Panacea

One of the most effective way of getting happiness is to divert your attention to your religion. Whatever be your religion, you can find solace and peace of mind in following the teachings of your religion. Every religion is replete with practices and rituals which can provide a permanent solution to your problems and make you happy. So, think about it for a while and ask yourself as to whether your have violated the teachings of your religion. If so, then try to divert your attention to Almighty God for help and assistance. He can give you anything if you ask Him.


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