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How to Be More Interesting to People

Updated on August 6, 2011
More Interesting
More Interesting | Source

Because we are social animals most of us would like to be more interesting to other people. But it's not always easy since we are often preoccupied with our own needs and issues. Here are some strategies to use to be more interesting to others in appropriate ways.

Be an Observer and Learn What Makes People Smile

Make people smile and they will find you more interesting. Observe and learn about the things that cause others to feel good and smile. Then consciously make the effort to spread some relevant good cheer each day and you will be rewarded with smiles as people grow to like having you in their company.

Be a Pollster and Ask Others What Their Favorite Things Are

Getting to know what things the people around you enjoy is a big step in becoming more interesting to them. Notice what people seem to like and ask them questions to confirm their likes, dislikes, and favorite activities. File that information away and use it when appropriate to please others. They will definitely find you more interesting!

Be an Entertainer - Master Great Jokes and How to Tell Them Well

Although not everyone is good at remembering and telling jokes, you should make the effort to master a dozen or so tasteful but very funny jokes to entertain people with when the occasion arises. You can find lots of jokes from internet sources or from books in your library. Having a number of really good jokes on hand is another way that you can be more interesting to people. If you are a natural wit, count your blessings and make people laugh.

Be a Student of a Particular Area of Popular Culture

Choose a professional or college sport; a music, film, TV or fiction genre; or a current affairs topic or online activity and study one or more areas that you enjoy the most so that you can become really knowledgeable about them. Then you can use that knowledge to help others appreciate things that they may like but haven't studied. Becoming expert in one or more areas of popular culture will help make you more interesting to others and you will probably enjoy acquiring the knowledge, too.

Be a Resource for People in Some Area of Practical Knowledge or Technology

Take the time and trouble to master an art, skill, or technology that really interests you and that is helpful to others as well. For example, developing hobbies or skills like gardening, carpentry, auto mechanics, photography, website design, specific computer applications, and so on could provide you with the ability to offer competent advice in areas that lots of people can benefit from. Nothing is more effective than face-to-face guidance in giving people confidence in making decisions. Be a valuable resource for others in one or more areas and they will certainly find you more interesting.

Build up Your General Knowledge

If you enjoy learning about a variety of subjects then feed your curious mind by building your store of general knowledge. Read and study subjects from geography and history to art and music, or from sociology and psychology to economics (!) and literature. You will definitely be more interesting if you can contribute more than mere opinion to conversations on many topics. Of course it will take time to accumulate such general knowledge.

Be Positive about Life

Opportunities abound in life to be critical and negative when disappointments arise. The real challenge is to learn to react in constructive ways and to provide positive energy through your example and leadership. If you can train yourself to be a positive person others will see you as more interesting and creative. Choose the positive outlook on life, even when it's really hard to do.


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    • VJGSA profile image

      VJG 3 years ago from Texas

      Great story. I guess it's the journalist in me or the curious Scorpio aspect of me, but I'd noticed (and later confirmed in books) that taking an interest in people, asking them questions and focusing conversations on them rather than you makes them like you, essentially, you build loyalty simply by taking an interest in people. This article reaffirmed what I've been practicing my entire life (of course, at the time, I didn't know that I was doing it).

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Some great tips - I find the pollster one is the easiest and the one I already did before coming to this hub. The other tips are great too, voted up and useful.

    • Rob McKelvie profile image

      Rob McKelvie 6 years ago from USA and UK

      Temirah, link away and thanks!

    • Temirah profile image

      Temirah 6 years ago

      I'd love to link this hub to mine on feeling more confident with party conversation - I hope that's ok. Good information.

    • chenderson00 profile image

      chenderson00 6 years ago from South Carolina

      This is me all the way. I'm more of a quiet shy person. I like to observe the people I'm around before I get to know them. Great hub!