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How to Be a Strong Emotional Person?

Updated on June 8, 2021
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

You Must Learn How to Handle Frustration

Of course, you'll feel frustrated from time to time, except, you must not allow frustration to take a chomp out of you. If you live in a reactive reality, you'll eventually suffer from making decisions you will regret later on. It's best to make frustration your friend, and learn how to execute self-control in all trying situations.

It's not that easy to be a strong emotional person, since you must step back and analyze all the difficult situations you are entangled in. Realize screaming and yelling will never adequately prove a point. It will simply conjure negative feelings in the person you are contending with and escalate feelings of hatred and strife.

Who needs this? Hence, you should analyze your disagreements with others, and try to figure out what would be best for every party involved.

You Must Know How to Handle Rejection

Realize, it's okay to get rejected since not everyone will agree with you or like what you are offering. You must accept this and shake the rejection off and not allow it to affect you. The best way to do this is to say NEXT. Now you shouldn't say it in a demeaning manner, but say it in a way that will permit you to go on with your plan or idea.

For instance, if you are in sales, not everyone will purchase your product or like your service. Don't take this rejection personally! You will receive quite a few Nos before receiving your one YES. Focus on the yes you received and realize a ‘no’ will drive you closer to a ‘yes’ by thinking NEXT. You simply need to speak to more people about your excellent service or product to land a sale.

Always Give More Than You Receive.
Always Give More Than You Receive. | Source

You Must Know How to Handle Financial Pressure

If you deliver more than you promise your financial goals will eventually be realized. You must go to work on your self-development. Don't allow yourself to get distracted.

Believe people are truly waiting for what you have to offer! You will get what you picture if you are persistent! If you see yourself achieving and earn heaps of money from a product or service then this is what you will receive.

You must possess a bullet proof mindset and study the people that have what you want. This means you must read the self-development books to be better and practice self improvement.

The first step to get people to like you is to make a big deal out of people's accomplishments. The best leaders are servants and they are the ones who earn the most money too.

Are You Suffering from a Lack of Self-Motivation?

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Make Every Moment Count.
Make Every Moment Count.

You Must Know to Handle Complacency

Your attitude should be to forever try to make situations or circumstances better. It's never okay to simply settle for what is. Realize change makes things better! You must be hungry for change. If you change your mindset you will be able to change your life. If you develop and enhance your communication skills, changing a feeling of complacency will seem easier. You will never settle for less.

Hang out with those that are doing what you want and learn from them. Give before you ask for something. A leader will always work with vision and not with what they see in the present.

A confident and strong emotional person will automatically do more than what is expected. Always provide excellent service in what you do for others.

You Must Give More Than You Expect to Receive

If you want to succeed, give, give, give and don't ever keep score. Think of innovative ways to compliment people, especially, the ones who will be interested in your product or service. If you have not arrived or reached your financial goals, perhaps failure is testing you right now.

Don't allow a setback to get the best of you. It should propel you to try again!

When someone asks you how you are doing? It's best to say unbelievable! If you're excited, your entourage will feel jumpy too.

Realize, everyone is searching for the secret to success. Once you find it, use it to your advantage. The secret to success is to master sound fundamentals of being positive and taking action. And the spirit of service and giving goes a long way in achieving it. When you are unsure remember to ask a question to break your icy feeling of intimidation.

Realize, You're Judged By the Number of Times You Win

If you do what you fear most and become a sponge for knowledge, you will succeed. To be successful you must develop the right attitude toward the word NO. Though NO is a complete sentence. Do not ever allow a ‘no’ to break you. Move on and press on to your goals of financial and emotional success.

  • Change always makes people feel uncomfortable at first until they get used to it!

If you remain focused and develop into a strong emotional person, you will focus on your success and not permit small failures to move you. Failures will be stepping stones to becoming a better person and a roadmap to achieving your goals. As long as you don't ever give up and press on, you will achieve your goals.

See Failure As a Game You Must Play to Win

If you are developing your personality and becoming more positive, you will win. Failure won't be capable to have a strong hold on you.

Forever, be humble and set a good example for others to follow especially for your precious children. A confident person will do more and build themselves during every season. Your skills will create your success as long as you don't give up.

Remember, to be good to all the people you meet. Run with like minded people. People who are winners and headed in the same direction you're going will suit you best.

Therefore, govern yourself accordingly!

Realize What You Focus On, You Feel.

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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