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How to Book an Appointment for a Massage

Updated on June 26, 2023
Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma has lived and worked for almost three years in the Republic of Ireland as a spa wellness massage therapist.

Me at the Spa reception when I was working in  Ireland
Me at the Spa reception when I was working in Ireland | Source

Why Do We Make Appointments

In this hectic world we live in, we need every now and then a quiet and a tranquil place to rejuvenate our mind and body. A kind of retreat from a stressful life we live. It could be having a holiday in the mountains with awesome nature around us, a walk in the forest where we can hear the songs of the birds and maybe the sounds of flowing waters from a lake or a waterfall. We don´t have to be alone. We can go with our partners who like us, enjoy the beauty of the nature.

This is a kind of retreat where we don´t need any appointments at all. I mean if we want to go to the forest, we don´t say, " hey, forest can we come and visit you?" Well, it would be a great fun if the trees, shrubs and other animals living there answer us. They might say, " No, we are closed today." They might as well say, " Get off! We don´t want people coming to us anymore. We are fed up with the garbage you throw at us." That would be scary, would it not?

Well, in the world we have now, we have to make appointments for almost everything in order to make our lives easy as we are all busy with our day to day living. Besides that, if we don´t make appointments, we will be wasting our time and money in case the place where we are going to is closed or someone whom we like to see is not there. Appointment is surely one of the best creation we human beings invented.

Strawberry nail art manicure.
Strawberry nail art manicure. | Source

What to do before booking

1. Research online

Before booking an appointment, inform yourself online about some Spas or Massage Studios where you can have a good massage treatment. Most of the Spas now have their own websites. You´ll learn what kind of Spas or Massage Studios they are and what treatment they are offering. Read the feedbacks and comments of the people who had been in that Spa before. If the feedbacks are good, then it is worth a try.

2. Ask friends and relatives

Ask friends and relatives if they know a good Spa where you can have a great massage treatment at a reasonable price. The nearer the Spa from your house, the better. So you don´t have to drive long hours for a massage treatment because you will be so tired but relaxed that you can´t concentrate on driving in going home. You only want to sleep. The best would be if you incorporate the massage treatment with other Spa treatments like paraffin waxfor your hands and feet and stay in a hotel nearby in case you want to have a weekend holiday with a friend or with your partner in life. Otherwise, let your hubby pick you up half an hour after the treatment.

3. A single massage or a package deal

Think it over whether you want to have a single massage or a package deal treatment before booking. Plan what kind of massage you have in mind. When booking a package deal treatment, there´s a possibility that you will have a discount, maybe 20 to 30%. It depends on the Spa.

4. Set a budget

Knowing your budget before booking can save you time and money.

5. Questions prepared

Prepare a sheet of paper with all your questions and put it near the telephone when you phone the Spa. Don´t forget the pen for writing down the information you will be having.

6. Have your credit card with you

You might need your credit card in case the Spa ask your credit card number to secure your booking. The Spa might get a percentage of the booking price from your credit card in case you don´t show up to your appointment without informing or calling for cancellation. There are always rules and regulations in every Spa and Massage Studios for you to follow.

Manicure, Spa Treatment

Manicured Hands
Manicured Hands | Source

How to Book an Appointment

  1. Call the Spa or the Massage Studio.
  2. Tell the receptionist on the phone that you are planning to have a massage treatment on the day and time you want to come. Ask if that day and time is available.
  3. Ask the price of the massage treatment.
  4. Ask the package deal treatment price if you want to have more than just a massage like a manicure or a pedicure. You might get a discount.
  5. Ask what time you have to come prior to your appointment.
  6. Ask if you have to bring something with you like a bathrobe or a towel. Most Spas have towels or bathrobes for you but some Spas in Ireland and in Germany would ask you to bring slippers, bathrobe and swimsuit when you have plenty of treatments to enjoy.
  7. Ask the address or the way in going to the Spa in case you don´t know, yet.
  8. Ask how you can pay. The Spamight ask your credit card number to secure your booking.

Note: You can apply these guidelines when booking personally, too.

Spa Treatment You Might Book

Advantages in Booking on Time

There are some advantages in booking a spa treatment on time. Spas are having special offers during Christmas, Easter time and the time when the spas are having less clients in summer.

1. Check on special offers spas have and you will be able to have a reduced price for a treatment, you will be getting two treatments for a price of one or even a package deal for an affordable price

2. You can choose the massage therapist you want to have that is if you have been there in that spa before.

3. You can still choose the day and time you want to be treated.

4. You will have a wonderful time looking forward to that planned relaxing day in the spa.


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