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How to Boost Your Health Naturally in Autumn?

Updated on September 18, 2011

welcome autumn

Autumn comes with changing colors.
Autumn comes with changing colors. | Source

Boost your immunity in autumn

Autumn has arrived with all its adversities. Temperature is going down. Cold wind is blowing brushing on the leaves telling them to change their color and then fall. Trees are trembling, thinking of the arriving torture of winter. Humans have to change their dress codes and lifestyle.

Sudden change in climate causes diseases

There is sudden change in temperature at the turn of the season leaving us vulnerable to sudden chills that takes place even at the beginning of autumn. It makes us feel lethargic and run down. Damp weather, combined with centrally heated buildings, encourages viruses to breed and cause diseases. This brings colds and flu viruses much more common and more difficult to avoid.

You should be well aware of the most common reasons for autumn maladies so that you may avoid their adverse effects and make sure that it may not affect you seriously. Generally season impact in autumn is worse than that happens in spring. The damp weather of autumn causes the first colds of the season. Then it continues to cause other maladies.

How to boost your power of immunity?

1) When autumn begins the daytime is becoming shorter and you are prone to cuddle in front of the television since the summer activities are over. Your food habits of summer also need to be changed. You have to adapt a lifestyle that suits to the season.

2) Diet during this period is very important since it is the main source of immunity. Either raw or cooked you should be sure of having foods full of enzymes, easy to digest and are quickly converted to available energy.

3) You have to warm up your body with healthy foods, herbal tonics and exercises and maintain your physical vitality and power of immunity. Do not expose yourself to odd chances outside that may easily make you succumb to infection.

4) Herbal remedies such as Echinacea tea or antiviral aromatherapy oils such as tea tree can help boost your immune system and protect you temporarily. Essential oils such as ginger or juniper oils can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

5) Ayurveda suggests a special treatment for this season which in India they take during the monsoon months. It is called “Karkitaka kanji” which builds the immunity power naturally.

6) Aromatherapy massage does a great part by stimulating both the body and mind during the autumn months. It is very simple and easy. Prepare massage oil by blending together citrus oils such as lemon and mandarin with spicy aromas such as marjoram or cardamom, to maximize vitality and energy. This can relieve you off your body aches and refresh your energies.

7) Besides food you need to concentrate on exercise during this season. The dark evenings of autumn may make your outdoor exercise more difficult. But it is quite essential to maintain suppleness throughout the cold seasons to prevent stiffness and rheumatic aches. Follow a regular exercise routine and use warm aromatherapy massage oils to stay supple and mobile during the autumn months.

8) Yoga can do a lot to boost your immunization during the autumn months. You can have it as a daily chore throughout the year. Generally, during the autumn months body is less active and may slow down your mental ability also. Yoga exercises can provide you mental stimulation as well as warmth to your body.


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    • paulose profile image

      paulose 6 years ago from Stow, OH, USA

      Yes, merry making makes people forget things. thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      naturalsolutions 6 years ago

      Your 8 ways to boost our health at Autumn is perfectly amazing. At somehow, some people are not aware on autumn, they just enjoy it but what they doesn't know is, they can get a decease during that time.