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How to Brush Teeth with Braces

Updated on February 17, 2013
photo credit: LateNightTaskForce's flickr photostream
photo credit: LateNightTaskForce's flickr photostream

Braces don’t only provide a beautiful smile but also correct irregularly spaced teeth, overbites, underbites and other misalignments. Having braces may be a big hassle to anyone but a promise of smile will be in the end.

Having those titanium metal makes it so hard to clean your teeth thoroughly. So you have to allot more minutes with your usual brushing routine. These are the steps on how to brush your teeth when wearing braces.

What you’ll need

Soft bristle toothbrush


Mouthwash or water

Dental floss


Inter-proximal toothbrush (the little brush that looks like a Christmas tree)

Floss threader

1. Remove rubber bands if you use any especially the chain type. If you use the O-ring (the ones that go on every bracket), you can brush right away.

2. Brush your teeth the usual way of brushing using soft bristle toothbrush and your favored toothpaste. It is recommended to brush every after meal. Brush around the contours and crevices of the braces, spending about 10-15 seconds on each tooth. Brush your gums, the roof of your mouth, and the inside of your cheeks. Then rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water.

3. Floss at least once a day. You can use Floss threader to make it easier. Rinse.

4. Replace your rubber bands. Your orthodontist must have taught you how to. Rinse your mouth again with mouthwash or water.

Tips about having braces

  • Slight pain will only be at the start. Regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustments may cause tightness. Eventually, you’ll get used to it.
  • Proper hygiene is a must to avoid gum diseases and un-comfy irritations. Anything that hurts you or makes you uncomfortable, always visit your orthodontist.
  • Smacks are good. Other than that, may hurt LOL

Why should I get braces?

That is the question majority people ask. Some would just want to have them or some would badly need them. Some people are lucky enough though to have perfectly aligned teeth. But still when you’re overbite or underbite or openbite, you won’t need your orthodontist to asses if you must get braces or invisalign. So what are the reasons why you should get braces?

Ten Reasons Why You should Get Braces

  • To have that striking smile. Having braces will correctly align your teeth and will result to a perfect smile. It can also result to a proper bone structure of the face.
  • To have a longer life. Surprisingly, it’s true. If you’re teeth are crooked, it won’t be easy to brush and floss and you’ll have more chance to get cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases which can cause cardiovascular disease and other heart problems.
  • To avoid bad breath. This is self explanatory. If your teeth are aligned right, bacteria and tooth decay will have no place in your mouth. You will not be prone to halitosis and gingivitis.
  • To have more confidence. Having perfectly aligned teeth and perfect smile will boost self esteem.
  • To improve your appearance. It will make you more beautiful.
  • To be easy in everything. Easy to chew, easy to eat, easy to talk, easy to breathe, easy to kiss.
  • To sleep better. Twisted and crooked teeth can cause poor sleeping because the roof of the mouth can block the airway and cause difficulty in breathing.
  • It’s a turn on to employers. Statistics shows, more companies are hiring people who have pretty teeth and smile than those who aren’t attractive. Of course I’m talking about having aligned teeth here.
  • It’s a turn on to someone you like or love. Let’s not forget the breath ;)
  • You can’t help but smile.


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      sai 6 years ago


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      identalhub 7 years ago from United States

      Great hub for brushing with braces. I suffered a lot of problem when i had braces 2 years back.

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      twentyfive 7 years ago

      thanks liljen23 ;)

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      liljen23 7 years ago from Shreveport,LA

      great hub about brushing your teeth with braces..