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How to Build Self-esteem in your kids.

Updated on April 9, 2016

What is self- esteem?

Self –esteem is equal to self- worth, it is an imperative aspect of anybody's life, the difference between the adults and the kids are, that the parents should take responsibility to make the kids feel that they are worthy. They deserve, self-confidence and self-esteem, so parents we should help them to achieve that and maintain it forever.

As parents, we know that building our child's sense of self-esteem is important. Child development specialists tell us so. However, knowing it is important is not the same as knowing how to give your child a healthy sense of self-worth. There is no simple strategy but there are several practical techniques parents can use to help boost self-esteem in their child.

Make them feel wanted and gave them the self-confidence.

The important thing is to show them respect, do not treat them with disrespect, then they will value and make an opportunity to praise their achievements, show them your interest in it, however, small it is used that to make them feel confident and happy.

Ask them to join in to make decisions with you.

Encourage them to give their opinion when you are making some decision, say for example, if you are planning a family holiday ask them for their input. If you get a good contribution from them, do not forget to show them your admiration, on the other hand if they make a mistake in their input, do not just ignore but tell them that it might not be suitable for this time, and you will take it consideration another time. But, indeed, you can allow them to make their decision on small matters like, short weekend outings like going to a cinema or eating out places if you accept it make them feel confident. Developing confidence in kids is a slow process you got to be assertive in providing that to the kids and will help them in the long run.

Make your kid feel liable for their passion.

When the children are given the freedom to making choices, and not only that they should feel responsible for their actions and feeling. But, you cannot hold them accountable for your feelings, you should completely avoid passing the blame onto somebody else.

Help them to acquire what they like

Encourage your child to select they are good at, do not force anything that they do not like. If the education is an important aspect for your child, just give them advise and help to achieve what they like, supposing your child want to be doctor give them to contribute to go on that line and get to that level. Remember, that your child might like something, not everybody gets them what they want if your child faces a failure it is vital to comfort them and stand by them make to feel that they should not give up without trying more.

children could not live with the older people all the time

When the parents have given them enough support, advice encouragement, to boost their self-confidence, they will say that they can handle anyone, and they will like to with the children of their age. So, you should be happy about it and allow them to mix it might help them to enhance their-their knowledge in some that they need for their lifestyle. Parents cannot keep them with them all the time as the kids need to have social skills as it is also a crucial skill to be happy in life. When they successfully face these social challenges that will help them to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Kids should know them very well

Like any human being, we have to know ourselves, if not we might not say what are going to do to survive, how to make our living, in the same way, we have to make that our kids should know themselves. That is for a child; I know that I am good at mathematics so let me become a mathematician, in the same another kid might think that I am right at drama, so let me become an actor. We as parents stand by them and help them to achieve that they were want to. If they become successful, encourage them to be more successful.

Teach Them to Laugh

Laughter is the best medication for most of the illnesses and as adults sometimes we have lots of pressure of work and we forget to laugh. We can increase the learning capacity in children by teaching them to laugh. Clinically proved that laughter makes you stronger, and it has a positive effect on physical, emotional health and your well-being. Laughter reduces the stress and increases the brain power, and it has a useful distraction from the things that creates anger and distress, that slows down the power of learning. When the children learn to laugh helps to make friends and face challenges without lots of pain.

Parents will have to learn to use the above tips to build your kid’s self-esteem and, help them grow up as confident happy children in their long life.


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