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How to Burn Fat Using One Exercises: The Kettlebell Swing

Updated on August 18, 2011

Burn More Fat with One Kettlebell Exercise

Have you ever wished that you didn't have to make the 20 minute trip to the gym just to get a decent workout?

Are you tired of using fat loss workout programs that require hours and hours only to see minimal results?

I ask you these questions because I used to ask myself these questions.

Then I took control of my time, and my workout results.

You see, fat loss and strength and conditioning has come a long way over the last 10 years.

We have entered a new age of training in the effort to lose fat.

Never before have we had more access to methods and workout tools that could provide so much bang for our buck, while investing as little time as possible.

I used to hate traveling to the gym (15-20min) each way depending on traffic, just so I could spend another 1.5-2hrs warming up and lifting weights.

(Resistance Training is the most effective method for losing body fat... but we will save that for another post.)

By the time it was all said and done, the entire workout experience would drain roughly 2hrs of my day.

Completely unacceptable. But I didn't have a remedy at the time.

Enter: The Kettlebell.

Kettlebells changed my life. Sounds like a pretty profound statement, especially since I am talking about a piece of cast iron that resembles a bowling ball with a handle.

But, like I said, they really did change my life, and for a couple of reasons...

1. Kettlebells allow for brilliant total body home workouts. Optimal for fat loss.

2. Kettlebells are inexpensive.

3. Kettlebells last forever. (This is not a joke. You will pass on before they will.)

4. Kettlebells are versatile. Use them like a dumbell, perform unique ballistic exercises, or work in some of the best core exercises man has ever known. (More on these in another post)

Quite simply, I love my kettlebells. They are one exercise tool that is anything but a fad. The science and biomechanics supporting their use and effectiveness is undeniable. Currently, I have 5 bells: 20kg, 24kg x2 (standard Russian Military weight), 28kg and a 32kg.

Have a range of weights allows for fat loss program design that never gets stale.

However, if you truly want to lose fat, keep a lean muscular body, than you need to be performing one exercise, and one exercise only:

The Kettlebell Swing.

The Kettlebell swing might be the single most effective fat loss exercise the fitness industry has ever known.

Forget long workouts. Forget boredom with cookie cutter workouts.

5-10 minutes of kettlebell swings is all you need to send your metabolism through the roof and stimulate an environment of fat loss.

Here is a workout that I have used consistently since I first purchased my kettlebells:

  • Perform 15 sec of 2-hand kettlebell swings followed by 15 sec of rest for 24 rounds.

This workout will last a total of 12 minutes, and will work every muscle in your body.

More muscles worked, the greater the caloric expenditure and increase in post-exercise afterburn... more fat loss achieved.

This is what effective training is all about. Simple and effective.

Best of all, kettlebell swings require the user to remain in a ground-based standing position, so the body receives a tremendous amount of fatigue while attempting to maintaining stability.

For more information on where you can find my top pick for kettlebell brands, I will send you over to Amazon...

Amazon: Lifeline USA Kettlebells

For the dollar, you will not find a higher quality kettlebell from more reputable company. I recommend friends and family to Lifeline USA without hesitation. Nothing beats knowledgeable employees who aren't afraid to give great customer service (something you that is hard to find these days).

Stay tuned for a lot more articles on fat loss, fitness equipment reviews, workout ideas and best exercises for getting the body you desire.

I give my word that I will only be dishing out applicable information that will get you results, no BS here... That's not my style.


Check more musings over @: The Fat Loss Chronicles


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