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How to Buy a Detox Foot Bath

Updated on September 15, 2014

How To Shop

Confused where to even begin on HOW TO SHOP for the best Detox Foot Bath? Who wouldn't with so many detox foot spa manufacturers ranging from $100 to $3000. After reading this you will be better prepared to make an informed decision.

Ion spa with copper tub and high quality salt
Ion spa with copper tub and high quality salt

Ask the right questions.

  1. AMPS: Ask how high can the Amperage go up to? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: ideally at least 3.0 Amps
  2. WATTS: What is the Wattage? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: ideally 60 -150 watts
  3. CONTROL: Can 'you' control the amperage by adjusting the current or is it only controlled by adding salt to the ioncleanse foot bath water? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: amperage should be controlled by the user by adjusting the current not just by adding salt. This is a cheap way to control amperage). if controlled only by salt then the user has to continuously add salt since the salt breaks down during the ionspa foot bath and there is no way to lower the amperage since you can 't take the salt out of the water unless you add more water to the bath to dilute it.
  4. HERTZ: What is the frequency/Hertz the power unit is running at? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: a frequency that is healthy to the body.
  5. POLARITY: Is the detox foot bath unit running at single polarity or dual? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: Single, (dual polarity is a marketing gimmick. the direction of the current can only go in 1 direction from negative to positive. This is law of physics for DC current. You can't switch from positive to negative direction as AMD Ioncleanse states... physically impossible. They just switch which plates receive what current (negative or positive).
  6. PROTECTION: What protection mechanisms does the power unit offer?(refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info)
  7. Is the power unit built in to the ion spa foot bath tub or is it separate? Answer: separate so you can use in any type of tub .. even a bath tub
  8. TUB: Is the detox foot bath tub made of plastic or a conductive material? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: conductive material such as copper tub, plastic has no conductive components
  9. WATER ARRAY: If the water module/array is using a copper plate, make sure it is100% copper not copper beryllium in it. Beryllium is a carcinogen. Is it disposable, or do you have to replace the plates manually? how many sessions does it last? Is the water module built in to the detox footbath tub or is it separate? Answer: separate so you can use in any type of tub such as a bath tub (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info)
  10. WRISTBAND: Does the unit have a wristband? (refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: DO NOT want wristband. The machine is not safe and is grounded it to the person's body.
  11. SALT: What salt is used? high quality with trace minerals or processed salt? ((refer below for 'Key Concepts' for more info) Answer: a high quality salt loaded w trace minerals in natural form.. this adds to the conductivity


  • COPPER Tub vs. PLASTIC Tub: Get the copper tub since the copper acts as an additional conductor thereby making the treatment all that more powerful. Also you will get more life out of the water module due to the conductivity of the copper there by less current is ran from the unit to achieve the same AMPs. Copper also resonates a certain healing frequency. People wear copper on their body for healing. Plastic has no conductivity.
  • Choose a higher quality SALT .. Such as the Himalayan Crystal Salt because of its balanced crystalline structure, which can be easily metabolized by the body. Regular Table Salt is processed & has lost its natural crystalline structure. With EPSON Salt there is less heavy metal in the brine when using epson salts vs the Himalayan salts.
  • Get a unit that you can control the CURRENT and where the AMPS can at least go to 3.00 Amps. Most of the units out in the market operate only as high as 1.4 to 2.5 AMPS. A good unit is the OPTIMUM Focus detox footbath since you can control the current and the Amps go as high as 5.5. The higher the Amps then the higher the volume of electrons moving thru the water bombarding the H20 water molecules there by more ions are being produced.



  • A wristband is simply used to ground the body since the unit is so cheaply made the unit itself is not grounded. This is a marketing gimmick when the say it is ‘to complete the circuitry’ or ‘stimulate the upper body’.
  • The wrist bands are designed to prevent the destruction of CMOS devices. (CMOS is the deposition of doping and etching of a Metal Oxide on Saphire device, in short an Integrated Circuit). Most units on the market use TR (Transformer Rectifier) concepts in producing their output, this concept does not utilize CMOS substrate devices. We often build static as we walk and move, this is more pronounced if we are wearing anything nylon. The wrist band is conductive and conducts the static electricity from the body to ground. This prevents the charge from going through the CMOS device. If a charge goes through a CMOS integrated circuit, it can destroy it instantly, most often it damages it which causes a diminishing deterioration until the ultimate failure. During the “slow death” of the device performance becomes unreliable, unrepeatable then ultimately the device fails.
  • The ground strap is a marketing gimmick. Think about it, your computers and cell phones have large scale integration in their operating systems and you do not wear a ground strap when working with either of them. Why would you need grounding for something as simplistic as the power supplies in a footbath? The control circuitry may have some active devices that can be damages as we do, but with proper configuration this can be protected
  • The wristband has nothing to do with the detox foot bath process. The key to the ionic detox footbath is the ions from the salt & water that are interacting with your body, not the current or so called ‘circuitry’ that these companies claim. You DO NOT want to USE WRISTBANDS since a good unit should have a chassis ground for all internal assemblies to stop any voltage potential ever being on the case.

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