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How to Buy a Used Aeron Chair on eBay

Updated on August 16, 2011

Buy used & save over half the price of new Aeron

So you've done the research. You've heard all the hype & hoopla surrounding ergonomic office chairs. You've decided that you're going to spend some cash and treat yourself right. Yes, it's going to be an Aeron Chair for your ergonomic office seating needs.

You go out on the web and search some websites to see where you can find the best deal and find that ALL new herman miller aeron chairs cost EXACTLY the same. And all of these stores offer free shipping. So no matter how much you shop around, you'll have to part with at least $979 for a new fully loaded Aeron Chair.

Now part of you wonders if it's a good idea to buy a used/refurb Aeron Chair instead and save something like $400 or more. Are you going to check on Craigslist? Are these people trustworthy? Hmm...Then there are a few websites out there that also sell used Aerons for some amazing bargains - but how can you tell if these online stores are legit or if its someone sitting from their basement selling broken or fake Aerons?

Well - at some point, you may have thought of buying a used Aeron chair from eBay. eBay, afterall, has feedback ratings that shows how the previous customers rated each of the sellers. So if a seller on eBay is selling used Aeron Chairs and has a great feedback ratings, that person MUST be legit, right?

Attribution Some rights reserved by Richard Stowey
Attribution Some rights reserved by Richard Stowey | Source

Score! So what's the difference between a used aeron and a new one from a dealer? Well the dealer's claim that if you buy a used one, there is no 12-year warranty and that the chair could be a fake or broken. This *could* be true but if you find a real used aeron chair online, know that these chairs rarely break down, if never.

I actually bought 7 fully loaded used Aeron Chairs on eBay for my office and saved $3500 - yup SAVED $3500! And these chairs look like new, feel like new and there is no signs of wear and tear. On average, I paid $500 for each of these Aerons instead of $1000+. Even if they break down, I could easily get another used one and I would be no worse off than if I had bought the original new one.

Nice! So if you are a savvy shopper who wants an Aeron chair, I highly recommend buying one on eBay for a couple of reasons: the obvious reason is that you'll save almost half of the money by buying used. Second reason is that eBay has some buyer protection in place as well as feedback rating which you can use to research all of the sellers.

If a seller has a high feedback rating, it is a sign that he/she has done business for a long time and has done the work to create good customer experience in order to get that rating.

So get out there and get yourself a Herman Miller Aeron Chair - time to treat yourself (and your butt!). = ) If you need to learn more, check out this guide to Aeron desk chair. By the way, if you are interested in getting a high end chair - there are many other Herman Miller Chairs other than the Aeron which you can check out - and a few of them are more affordable as well.

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    • profile image

      ComfyButt 4 years ago

      I have purchased 2 aerons on ebay from "chairtech". After a lot of seller research their feedback as well as price seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I could not tell the chairs from new and the service from them was top notch. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a like new aeron at half the price of new.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      I've actually heard of from a friend of mine. I guess they aren't actually brand new herman millers but since I'm not a chair expert, I couldn't tell the difference. This blog post is definitely correct in promoting the purchase of a USED aeron. They are way too expensive new. definitely buy used/refurbished!

    • profile image

      enya 5 years ago

      or you could buy them from . they sell them in good as new quality refurbished for a lot less money!!