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How to Calm Down while Upset

Updated on October 4, 2014
Keep calm and avoid getting upset
Keep calm and avoid getting upset

I can't breathe!

My tears are drowning me.

I have uncontrollable shakes.

I can't think clearly.

My emotions are out of control!

All the wrong words are coming out.

I've fallen down and crawled into a ball on the floor.

Has this Happened to you?

You have been so upset that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to pull yourself together.

The world feels like it is going to end and you have nothing to say because you are drowning in your own tears!

There is no way of thinking clearly and your body has just lost all control.

It Happens to Everyone

I'm sure it has happened to the best of us and in that moment you have had no idea on how to pick yourself up and when you think about it now, your only wish was that you had the courage on that day to say or do what you truly wanted to.

Calming down when you are so upset is very difficult and the majority of us have been there and taken the beating without keeping our dignity!

There is a way to calm down when you are upset and perhaps next time you will be able to keep your self respect and walk away from the situation as a winner!

How to Calm Down

When you get upset you need to switch off from everything that is happening by taking a deep breath in counting to six and then breath out counting to six.

Concentrate on the breathing and the counting.

This will relax you and help you to switch off from whatever it is that is upsetting you.

Do not make eye contact with anyone while you are doing the breathing.

Once you are able to concentrate on your breathing than this would be a good time to either excuse yourself and walk away or speak out. In my experience it is always best to walk away when you have been upset because even though you have counted and done the breathing exercise, you are not in the right frame of mind to continue and the best thing to do is to excuse yourself and suggest a continuation at a later stage.

If you are alone and you are feeling upset, do the breathing and make yourself a hot chocolate or a cup of cammomile tea and switch on the music. If you are too upset to do this than go and have a rest because everything will seem a little better when you wake up.


When you are upset the worst thing to do is to retaliate if you are in a confrontation, don't stand there and fight back because you might do or say something that you will regret.

Drinking makes everything seem even worse, so avoid it!

Don't walk around the streets in your upset state because you are not concentrating and could have a medical bill to pay now too!

Walk away from an angry situation
Walk away from an angry situation

Walk Away

In your upset state it is always best to walk away because you are not able to think clearly and you will only make your situation worse.

Remember that this too shall pass and everything happens for a reason.

Count and concentrate on your breathing and then excuse yourself and walk away. If you do need to continue with whatever upset than reschedule your hurt for another time but I say that if you are this upset, why go back for more?

Walk away, find something to take your mind off of whatever it is that made you so upset and remember that life goes on and as upset as you have been, you will find something to make you laugh!

Learn to smile
Learn to smile
keep your cool
keep your cool



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