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How to Calm Your Stress with Music?

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

The Power of Music

Music has the power to influence your mind dramatically and has long been used as a healing remedy to treat physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Certain sounds of music are a therapy for the soul and have beneficial effects for people suffering from anxiety and depression too. When you couple music with dance, its combined effects release inner turmoil and conflicts and help to build greater self-confidence.

Listening to music helps you to come alive! It’s a superb way to relax into oblivion and helps you to forget any troubling thoughts for a while. At times it even helps you to sort them.

Music Therapy Heals from Within

Music therapy works to heal from within! Women in labor will relax more and require less analgesia when tranquil classical music plays softly in the labor room. Music can heal disorders of the mind, body, and spirit. It reduces anxiety and lessens the irritability of individuals with mental or emotional problems and stress-related ailments, by creating a positive mood. It also relaxes muscles.

Music appeals to your spiritual faculties by influencing your brain waves and sense of hearing. It lifts the mood by calming an overtaxed heart, despairing or lonely spirit, without the use of medications. To benefit all you must do is sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of soft music or dance to the rhythm of your favorite beat.

Listening to Music You Love Produces Good Endorphins

These sounds do much in helping your brain to produce endorphins, feel-good hormones that have the capability to alleviate pain and inner turmoil, as you absorb the music’s healing qualities. This effect can last for hours and is a lot more therapeutic than drowning with a bottle of wine to melt your stress away. You’ll never get a hangover; only stress relief and a calmer mind that thinks clearer.

To feel the better therapeutic sound effects you can light a scented waxed candle to help you relax further, as you close your eyes while listening to a soothing piece of music, like classical, new age or rhythms of beautiful chants, before falling asleep, or after a long day of toiling in the garden, for instance.

A Music Piece to Savor

To reduce stress, just sit back and listen to a soothing music piece or dance the night away!
To reduce stress, just sit back and listen to a soothing music piece or dance the night away! | Source

Listen to or Play Your Favorite Music on an Instrument

Every day-after work too, when you're eating or preparing dinner, you can forget your daily stress, as your favorite piece of music is playing in your milieu. Play the music loud enough, where you can comfortably carry on a conversation with your loved ones. If your partner or child asks you to dance, well, why not? You’ll be relaxing your muscles and building them at the same time as you dance and laugh away. Another extreme stress buster is listening to a few great pieces of music, while you are taking a warm lavender scented bath.

If you know how to play a musical instrument, you have a double blessing of heartily enjoying the sizzling sounds of music you create that expresses your feelings and melts your stress further. You can lose yourself in your lovely music; the way artists do as they are absorbed in their painting feats! You can add beautiful lyrics you love to sing too, with a melody you adore playing either on the piano, guitar, violin or drums, etc. How this for getting rid of stress with music!

Reduce Stress with Dream Music...

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© 2013 Sheila Craan


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  • peachpurple profile image


    6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    i love music, classic ones that calm down my anxiety and frustration. Music really is the best medicine for depression too. Voted up


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