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How to Care for Your POWERbreathe Athletic Training Device.

Updated on August 2, 2016

POWERbreathe is a drug-free way of improving sports performance and health if you have a breathing problem. Different models of POWERbreathe mean that anyone from the most unfit or the most breathless to Olympic athletes can benefit from its breathing training technique.

Caring for the inspiratory training device.

The POWERbreathe device is pretty solid and durable, designed for many years of loyal service but like most things, it needs a bit or tender loving care to keep it doing its job.

When you’re regularly using your device there will be an inevitable build up of saliva. The advice for care is:

  • Clean it frequently. 2-3 times each week, soak the device in warm water for 10minutes and then wipe with a soft cloth under running water. Pay close attention to the mouthpiece.
  • The mouthpiece is removable so can be washed separately. Additional mouthpieces are also available from the POWERbreathe website.
  • Leave to air-dry on a towel.
  • There are sterilising tablets that come with the device when you first get it. The solution used for sterilising babies’ bottles would probably do the same when you’ve used these or if they get lost. The chemical in the sterilising tablets provided is sodium dichloroisocyanurate (400mg/tablet), adiphic acid and sodium bicarbonate. There are more available from POWERbreathe retailers or from the website.
  • Store the device in the pouch provide when it’s completely dry.

Some POWERbreathe don’ts.

Don’t try to reduce the resistance load below the zero marked on the body of the device.

  • Don’t try to separate the upper and lower body sections. These should always stay together.
  • Don’t share your POWERbreathe, especially if you have had a recent respiratory infection, without sterilising it first – see above.
  • Don’t store the POWERbreathe unless it’s dry, and use the pouch provided or another clean container/bag.

My experience with this breathing training device has been very positive so far. In 2 weeks I’ve reduce the time it takes to do my running route by more than 2 minutes and improved the ease of my routine. Read the weekly blog entries to learn more (see above).


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