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How to Choose Healing Music

Updated on February 10, 2011

Sound Healing


Sound healing is an ancient art.  Evidence of its use is found all around the world in places like The Grange.  Monks chanted to reach God, tribes across the globe participated (and still do) in trace rhythms.  Old records tell us of the divinary work of the Bee Priestesses who created a sound much like the hum or a bee hive to stimulate with inner sensing.  Sound for healing has been brought forward from the past and is alive and well.

In the past few decades, many artists have studied sound and its ability to heal.  Through the works of the greats like Lynn Redmon, Jonathan Goldman, even Mozart,   We now have music disks with binaural beats,  the instruments of old like the didgeridoo and the newly created like drum beds and crystal singing bowls, even Mozart for Babies.  Meditation and soothing music can be found in most discount stores and internet radio.

They all tap into the theory of sound and its ability to heal by aligning the energy system within and surrounding the physical body. From the cupping of hands to perform body percussion to clear lungs to the rat-a-tat-tat of the drum during a drumming circle, they all use various ways of aligning the energy systems of the body.

If your desire is to create Harmony and tap into the Spiritual Plane, use music written and performed with harps, higher strings like the violin, the higher registers of the organ and piano and wind chimes.  This music will stimulate higher levels of clairvoyance, visualization and cosmic consciousness.  If you need to pray for healing, play this music to speed your prayers skyward.  Try music in the Keys of B and A to help reach the Christ consciousness, to inspire and to clear your sinuses and relieve your headaches.  This music will sooth your nerves and helps with skeletal problems and insomnia.

During healing sessions play the music of flutes, woodwinds, lower strings the lower registers of the piano and the organs base pedals.  Didgeridoo music is also appropriate here .These instruments stimulate intuition and creativity and speed healing.  The Keys of G, F and E not only inspire, balance and relaxation, but they will help heal digestions (E) heart issues (F) and fevers, asthma, thyroid and sore throats (G).

For the Emotional and Physical Plane find music that has bass tones (not the bass volume turned up to 10), percussion, brass instruments and the piano.  Here you will increase creativity and charge the Kundalini.  Their areas of healing are:  the muscles, reproductive organs, emotional balance, circulation blood pressure, and colds.  Just tune in to Keys D and Middle C.

While there are many ways to stimulate healing through music, choosing the right music, the right instruments and music written in the proper key will help hone done the normal effect so that you get focused healing in the areas that are needed.



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    • profile image

      an 6 years ago

      Have you heard about the healing music revolution of 432hz, such as the A=432 hz AUMega Music Revolution that also uses other harmonic key healing principles?

    • profile image

      Lillie Ruby 7 years ago

      Thank you Sister. Those older compositions are related to sacred geometry and can definately relax, especially if the music is created with real instruments rather than synthesized.

    • sisterofdummy profile image

      sisterofdummy 7 years ago

      Interesting hub. I did find soothing classical music somewhat addictive as far as brain relaxation and connections being made.


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