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How to Clean Teeth with Braces Properly

Updated on March 14, 2012

Teeth with braces are much more difficult to clean. Sometimes food particles and bacteria do not get properly removed, which will affect your oral hygiene negatively. Some dentists claim that the risk for plaque, dental cavities and gum disease is much higher in people who wear braces. However, there is help.

This page is going to help you understand how to clean your teeth effectively even if you wear braces.

The tool that this page is going to talk mainly about is called a waterpik. A waterpik is a device that uses water to clean your teeth. Much like a water hose but with higher pressure. You might have seen these tools when you were at the dentist last time. The dentist uses a similar tool to clean your mouth before an oral examination. A waterpik is very effective and it will make your mouth super clean. Take a look below to see how a waterpik looks like.

Take a look at the following video on how to use the waterpik to clean your teeth efficiently. It's a good idea to combine regular brushing with the use of a waterpik. You can also fill the container partly up with mouthwash to make it even more effective.

The best thing as I said is to combine the waterpik's highly effective flossing with the good old toothbrush. Take a look at the following video on how to properly brush if you are wearing braces. In the video you will see that they use conventional floss. You can ignore this part if you are using the waterpik.

Also, its a good idea to clean your tongue as it harbors many types of bacteria that can affect your dental health negatively. However, the video advises you to brush it with your toothbrush. This is not a good idea since you will transfer bacteria to the toothbrush and then use the same toothbrush to clean your teeth.

Instead: use a tongue scraper. These are super cheap and super effective in cleaning your tongue. I use one in stainless steel and they come in different forms and materials. See below for tongue scrapers.


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