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How to Combat Work Stress without Getting High

Updated on July 28, 2015
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Pratima Behl is a zealous writer who has love/hate relationship with the social media. She believes in giving fact based social views.

It goes without saying that with so much of the population working round-the-clock jobs, stress is something we’ve all had to face almost regularly. Working hours are defined but seldom obeyed and we’ve reached a point where it’s almost become fashionable to work long and late.

However, when the stress does get out of control, a lot of us are guilt of spending too much time and get high in all sorts of ways. Which is the better way to beat the stress?

We’ve come up with some suggestions to battle stress without using any typical agent of intoxication:

Avoid Overtime

Perhaps the biggest culprit has to be our acceptance of working as late as possible. About a year ago, Mr. Narayana Murthy – founder of Infosys – lambasted the current culture of staying on for too long in the office. He reasoned that this ‘habit’ is counter-productive to any employee.

Pets: A lot of people working long hours are doing so when they are single, away from their family. In situations like these it’s easy to be led astray, loneliness being the mother of all problems no matter how many friends you end up having. But all that changes if you love animals. A pet not only fills the family void to a great extent but just the sight of them makes all your troubles feel far away.

Sports: Most people I know exercise because it’s either become a chore or to lose weight. Very few actually go to gym and love working on their bodies. But do you really have to go to a gym? Take a football, get to a ground and watch as the magic happens. Just the sight of a football or some kids playing cricket can make you forget all those anatomical distortions or you’re appalling fitness levels. And guess what, nothing beats stress like letting it all out on the field.


There was a time when to deter you from having chocolate, parents would say how unhealthy it was. Bah, who cares! Thanks to the miracles of science, chocolate has now been proved to even have therapeutic purposes. Take that mom! Just one bite of the good stuff can make you get a high that beats almost anything – including the point mentioned below. And many a time I’ve used chocolate to make sure the stress doesn’t end up getting the better of me.


Errmm this one doesn’t need much explanation, even if lot of people either overstate it or just don’t give it enough importance. Maybe middle ground is beating stress.

Social Work

Most people will scoff at me for saying this but ask you, ‘Does it not feel good to help someone? If social work is defined as something you associate only with charity then we really won’t be able to go anywhere. However, if the definition is broader and means helping patients with terminal diseases or helping a coach in your nearby football club, I think a lot of us would gladly volunteer with the catch being if we had the time. Well, about time you made some time. Just seeing the smiles on people’s faces should help wipe away the stress.

Travelling Alone

Most people would associate travelling with a bunch of pals getting away from town and making sure the time spent is well worth it. We suggest travelling alone with our argument being that with pals the chances are, you’ll end doing the very thing that this article wants you not to do: get high. The internet is flooded with write-ups on why you should travel alone to the XYZ number of places one needs to travel alone to

We simply say that even if the place is a few kilometers outside your city or town, explore it yourself and feel the benefits. Also travelling alone is a fantastic way to reflect on the things happening around you whilst also meeting new people and listening to excerpts from their lives.


Since we are trying our hardest to point towards solutions that aren’t very tried and tested, we reckoned gaming was perhaps the best of the lot. Anyone who has come home stressed age not being an issue and picked up their console and let rip on whatever it is that they like playing, you just cannot deny that each bullet coming out of your weapon in your chosen FPS feels like a bit of stress evaporating.

Even competitive games where your mates play something like FIFA, it is all good fun at the end of the day irrespective of who wins or loses. But still try and win, it helps a little more. Next time you see someone buried deep in his smart phone playing some sort of game, don’t shake your head.


For as long as we can remember, the whole idea of a TV series was just to provide entertainment. But somehow each and every person in the family is hooked to some TV show or the other. Coincidence? We think not. Interesting content is definitely one massive plus that TV series has going for them but how many of us don’t watch reruns? We are all guilty of consuming a lot of TV series, genres be damned, and it’s time everyone acknowledges that beyond the plot twists and addictive characters, TV series are amazing stress busters. This is precisely why we can watch them over and over again at a far greater rate than movies.

Work Love

Lastly, we point out that all of these suggestions are made redundant if you are working in a field which you’ve been passionate about instead of being lured in for ‘other’ reasons. We aren’t saying that there will be no stress or that it won’t get to you but it’s always easier to make oneself understand when the job is no longer for someone else and more of your own.


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