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How to Compare Rife Machines

Updated on September 15, 2014

Can you Purchase a Rife Machine 'Today' like Royal Rife's Rife Machine?

This is a commonly asked question and is a misconception by those seeking a rife machine where they think they want Royal Rife's machine 'exact' duplicate. No Rife machine type device is sold today that is like any of Royal Rife's rife devices and nor would you want that. There are several reasons this is the case.

  1. Since Royal Rife's rife machines could be detected miles away, due to the radio waves transmitted, it would be impossible to have a device int today's world since the FTC would never allow a device to operate. Royal Rife's unit flashed for milliseconds - ½ minute & killed whatever specimen he had in the near by.
  2. Due to today's advancement in technology there are many improvements to the rife machine technology. A good rife machine should use some of the basic requirements that Royal Rife himself used and have built upon this base to get even better results.
  3. The Hoyland rife machine, came after Royal Rife's units, using RF (radio frequency) as Rife did. It is thought that Hoyland may have used Rife’s microscope to find the MOR (mortal oscillatory rates). Hoyland worked in the megahertz range.


Important features to consider in a Rife Machine.

1. Most Important Feature: RF (radio frequency) carrier wave: Royal Rife used RF (radio carrier wave) in his rife devices which would be one of the biggest contributions to their success rate. Simply stated the radio carrier wave piggy backs the frequency wave deeper in to the body. The only way you can hear someone's voice over a radio is with the use of RF (radio carrier wave), since the RF carries the voice audio wave. To get deep penetration in to the body a unit must have at least an RF carrier wave. Most units on the market today DO NOT use RF carrier wave and frankly are just a frequency generator.

2. Second important feature: GATING. What is gating? refer below to Info & Terms . Royal Rife and Hoyland had Gating in their rife machines.

3. Additional must feature: RAY TUBES: Stand alone Plasma Ray Beam Tubes & Hand held ray tubes are the best in transmitting the frequencies in to the body and there are many reasons why. Hand held ray tubes (a modern day invention) use both conduction and induction. The hand held plasma ray tubes with conductors (that is completing the circuit when you hold both glass tubes) you are guaranteeing completing the circuit "through" the body.

  1. Hand-held Ray tubes use a much higher voltage than conductive metal electrodes which push the frequencies deep into a body.
  2. Hand-held Ray tubes have a magnetic effect produced by plasma gas filled tubes.
  3. People prefer the “soft warm” feeling of the plasma glass tubes vs. the electrical bite felt from metal electrodes.

Refer to "The Importance of Using Ray Tubes w Rife Machine" link below to get more information on this subject. This will also explain the difference between conductive accessories (ie metal cylinder electrodes) & inductive accessories (plasma ray beam tubes).

4. Optional Features: A rife machine with other types of accessories are a plus. There are modern day accessories that combines the benefits of the particular accessory and transmitting the rife frequency. For example: LEDs (Light Emitting diodes) are a great accessory. You receive the healing benefits of LED and the various LED color lights, such as increasing eyesight & healing many skin type conditions. Faster healing can occur when combining the LED light and the healing Rife frequencies acting as a powerful tool.

5. TIP: Purchase a machine which displays in Hz.

6. TIP: Must be able to add custom programs to add additional frequencies since new frequencies come out all the time or there may be proprietary frequencies that you would like to run that are not pre-stored in the machine. You do not want to be stuck with only pre-stored programs.

7. TIP: A rife machine that can run at least 2 accessories at the same time to get a strong full body coverage; i.e. hands & feet accessories. Many units will only come w hand cylinders.

8. Why do costs of Rife Machines vary so much? Rife machine units can range from $200 to the thousands? Many rife machines sold today are simply function generators. Rife machine manufacturers generally build relatively small number of units so the cost goes up enormously and are not mass produced. A function generator is low powered & cheap to make. It will cost more money to build a circuit that has the power required in a Rife machine. Another added cost is a crystal control which are pricey. Crystal control greatly adds to the accuracy of a frequency that is needed in a Rife machine. Accurracy/resolution of a frequency is imperative especially as you go up in higher ranged hz frequencies.. By the time you add all the accessories, the cost increases.

9. Why is the Wave Type Important to Kill Off Pathogens? matching wave type to the issue you are working is very helpful. Sine wave is great for healing, stimulating & regeneration. Square wave, triangle wave & wave types w less dwell time and more spikes is better for kill off.

Here’s an analogy describing how these various wave signals perform, and how the body physically responds to hem. If you put your hand on someone’s back and exert a steady pressure, she will shift her weight and learn to compensate for your push. The relatively slow rise and fall times of a sine wave gives the body a chance to recognize, make adjustments for, and eventually ignore the signal. If, however, you suddenly push that person with the same amount of pressure, she will fall. The sudden thrusting quality of triangle and sawtooth waves takes the body by surprise. Similarly, the rapid rise and fall time of a square wave does not give the body a chance to compensate. However, the flat top line of a square wave means that after the body is taken by surprise, there is a relatively long period when the signal is steady. The body (and microbes) may or may not reject the signal. The shape of the wave is important not only because of the rise and fall times of the energy. The wave shape is also important because of the harmonics it produces…. ” Nenah Sylver, PHD – The Rife Handbook (2011 Edition)

In Summary: A quality Rife machine should have Radio Carrier Wave (RF), Gating, Crystal control, plasma ray tube, run multiple accessories and of course plenty of power. Most rife machines run only metal electrode apparatuses.

COMPARISON: BCX Ultra vs. Comparable Rife Machine

Comparable Rife Machine (true rife machines)
BCX Ultra
Outputs all Rife's original high RF frequencies?
Not all
Some only Conductive, Some both Inductive & conductive
Through Ray Tubes & Electrical
RF Carrier
Not all
Simultaneous RF
Not all
Outputs simultaneous audio
From 1 to 8
Single audio frequency
Plasma Ray tube
Not all
Ray tube harmonics
Not all
Not all
1hz-4Mhz electrodes, 100hz hand-held ray tubes
Frequency range
from 10,000hz to 20MHz standard unit
1hz- 4MHz (New Beam Tubes delivery)
Infinite with custom waveforms
Analog frequencies
10 - 90% duty cycle
Not all
Is actually 1 - 99% Duty Cycle
Square Wave
Sine Wave
Not all
Other Wave Types
Power Output
From .20 watts to 60 watts to 118 watts
18 watts standard, 192 watts (plasma beam tube delivery)
Not all
Create Custom Programs
Not all
Not all
Frequency sweeps
Not all
Converge sweeps
Not all


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    • Hymbas profile image

      Hymbas 4 years ago from Manhattan Beach, CA

      It is 2 year warranty

    • profile image

      beverly holzer 5 years ago

      I'm wondering why there is only 1yr warrenty on these expensive machines. I have a lifetime warrenty on my ifra-red sauna, I paid $1500.00 for it. A seven yr warrenty on my Vita-mix I paid $400.00 for this. Somethings wrong here aren't these machines good enough to have a better warrenty???