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How to Condition Your Mind for Muscle Gain

Updated on January 1, 2018
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Cage J Madison is an indie author with a diploma in psychology and experience in confidence, gender issues, and fitness.

Stop Making Excuses

You can have results or excuses. Not both.
You can have results or excuses. Not both.

Excuses, they exist.

No matter what you call them (brick walls, roadblocks, obstacles) excuses tend to get in our way on a daily basis, especially during our pursuit to get fit and healthy. I’m here to tell you that no matter what if you want to reach your full potential then you must stop giving excuses right now. You cannot allow excuses to deter you from your goal for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Even those fitness excuses we once turned towards to ensure our survival are now prone to send us to an early grave simply because of our easy access to high fattening foods. So what’s the best way to get back and board to ensure you meet your health goals? Stop making excuses. Simple.

Below are the 5 most common excuses people make while trying to get fit in order to avoid having to work out:

  • Not enough time
  • No motivation to hit the gym
  • Intimidated by fit people at the gym
  • No one to train with
  • Gym fees are too expensive, or the gym is too far to travel

Throughout offices, in schools, around the park, in the home, these are some of the standard excuses we all make when it comes to trying to make it to the gym. And then there are the personal trainers who are well aware of more creative excuses people make just to get out of training.

The simple truth is, in order to achieve your goals when it comes to fitness (in fact, in order to achieve your goals in any part of your life), you just have stop making these or other excuses.

We are all aware that it takes a positive mindset to reach our goals, and that it is one of the most powerful tools anyone can have in their arsenal. So in this article, I’m going to show you how you can go about conditioning your mind so you can meet those fitness goals.

The way you perceive your fitness journey can either make or break your goals.

By clearing all negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones will most certainly empower your journey towards muscle gains

— Cage J Madison

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The Power Of Mindset

It begins in the mind and one should never underestimate the power the mind can offer you
It begins in the mind and one should never underestimate the power the mind can offer you

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to getting healthy and fit is that fitness does not begin in the body. It begins in the mind and one should never underestimate the power the mind can offer you. When it comes to building muscle, the mind has always been at the core of things. So, before anyone begins following any kind of fitness program, it is highly important to get your mindset straight first.

By clearing all negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones will most certainly empower your journey towards muscle gains. You must understand that it is your way of thinking that holds you back from what you genuinely want to achieve your fitness goals.

When it comes to getting fit, the sad reality is that we often overshadow our minds and focus more on building a strong physique. The key is ensuring we build a strong mind first. You see, if you contain the right mindset, you will begin to experience the mental power you need to stay focused and to push yourself to the limits you never believed you were capable of achieving, even when things start to get tough.

In hindsight, if you are looking for ways to end up sabotaging your fitness goals then, by all means, remain doing what you are doing without changing your mindset.

Creating a Positive Mindset: Better Than Steroids!

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5 Simple Techniques

I’m going to share with you the five simple techniques that are designed to assist you in achieving your goals. Some of these techniques were designed to help people reach their goals in everyday life aspects, but the same techniques can be applied to gaining muscle, and help you reach your dream body with the right mindset.

1. Set Goals That Are Both Detailed & Attainable

As it is with any area of your life, if you want to win at any cost you can only do so when you have a clear outcome. So the first step is to always remember when you begin you do so with the end in mind.

I suggest trying to ask yourself the following questions:

a) What would be your ideal weight?

b) How much muscle mass do you want to gain? (10 kilos = 22 pounds or 20 kilos = 44 pounds)

c) Will my goal be attainable in three months or more?

d) What will it take to achieve my goals?

As the title of this section states, the 2 golden rules is to be thorough about your goals and practicable. I wouldn’t suggest simply estimating or saying let’s just see how it goes. You must hold yourself accountable to the goals you set, this plays an important part in achieving them.

Most people discover that not long after they begin hitting the gym they will stumble and possibly fail. This happens when you don’t set detailed and attainable goals. To make your goals more detailed, I suggest writing them down. After that put your list somewhere that will be clearly visible to you every day, such as a mirror in the bathroom, your fridge, or computer screen. You may even like to take a screenshot of your goals and place them on the home screen of your phone. I don’t care where you place them just as long as you place them somewhere you’re going to see them every day. By doing this you keep reminding yourself what your most important goals are whether you feel like going to the gym or not.

By placing your goals in a place visible to you what you are doing is beginning to condition your mind in an empowering way. In order to become a powerhouse full of determination and commitment, you must condition your mindset.

2. Promote Patience

Patience is a virtue.

Achieving your desired goals will take time and this will require patience. You must be willing to endure the hardships that come with succeeding in any venture and this includes building muscle. Believe it or not but muscle gain is not just going to happen overnight so you need to be patient. By growing patience, you will begin to learn to rejoice in the little wins you have during your journey to reaching your desired goals, and this encourages you to keep going. Want to discover that motivation you’re lacking? Well by promoting patience within yourself you will soon unearth that inspiration.

Without patience, many people tend to expect results in such a small time-frame. And if these results are not noticeable, they quickly lose interest. Always remember that nothing great comes easily. Just keep eating smart, working hard and, most importantly, maintain the patience for results. The saying, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day goes hand-in-hand with muscle gain. If you work with the right muscle building plan you will eventually see the results and it will all be worth the pain and sacrifice.

Guide for Lean Gains

Body Type
Body Description
Protein %
Carb %
Fat %
Thin Limbs
High carb tolerance
Moderate carb
Broad and Thick
Low carb tolerance

3. The Only Shortcut is Hard Work

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

When it comes to building muscle, there really is absolutely no shortcut. There are so many so-called “magic pills” in the Fitness Industry today but most of them are nothing more than gimmicks. The best and sure-fire way to gain muscle is to invest in working hard so you can build it and then maintain it. Remember it will always take time (see technique 2) and it will be a gradual process, but there really is no substitute for hard work when it comes to fitness. All you need to get started is a good workout routine, a great diet plan and the right knowledge. Once you have these three essentials, all you need is relentless hard work, patience and the determination to focused.

Right now you need to stop looking for those quick fixes as you’ll most likely end up burning a hole in your wallet with nothing to show for the expense.

What's the best way to stay motivated?

4. We Are All Different So Don’t Compare

We are all different
We are all different

We are all different. Everybody will absorb nutrients differently from another body. Also, all bodies will react differently to different types of workouts. So if you find yourself always comparing yourself to other people in the gym, I advise you stop doing this now.

People often make this mistake. I have commonly heard statements made by other people, such as: ‘That person is achieving results faster than me. What am I doing wrong?’ or ‘I’ve been working just as hard, if not harder than that person but I have nowhere near the same results as them.’

This type of unnecessary comparison brings only disappointment and absolutely does not help towards your goal. You need to always be focusing on your body and your body alone. In order to attain the body of your dreams you must aim for consistent progress and remember that nobody has your body – only you do. So stop focusing on every other body and throw the spotlight on your own!

5. Remain Completely Committed

Gaining muscle all boils down to discipline. Regardless of how you are feeling at any moment, discipline is the ability to consistently take action. All you really need to do to get started on reaching your fitness goals is to commit and continue to do it every single day.

Set short-term goals you know you will attain and commit yourself 100%. Write down the amount of muscle mass you aim to build and stick to that goal. This will keep you on track working towards your end results.

The Conditioning Mindset

The conditioning mindset is designed to help you remain realistic
The conditioning mindset is designed to help you remain realistic

The conditioning mindset is designed to help you remain realistic. By following these five simple techniques you won’t be always expecting immediate results. Instead, you’ll find yourself focusing on the process and duration. When you are mentally prepared to commit to your desired goals, you will maintain motivation throughout the entire process because you now understand that gaining muscle takes time and effort.

To wrap up, I’m going to leave you with a couple of approaches you can use to help you stay on track when the journey towards your end result becomes a bit uncomfortable:

a) Journal Keeping: By keeping a written account of your journey you can easily track your progress.

b) Progress Photographs: Taking photos is very satisfying as you watch your body evolve each week. (Attention: Try not to take selfies while at the gym. I cannot stress this enough. The rule of the thumb is: If you have time to take a selfie, you’re not working hard enough)

c) Gym/Diet Buddy: Getting the support from a friend who is also on a similar journey towards health and fitness plays a huge role in helping you stay motivated both mentally and physically. But please remember, never compare yourself to your friend. You are there to support them as well remember.

© 2018 Cage J Madison


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