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How to Cope with Stress & Anxiety Naturally

Updated on March 8, 2015

Stress is a necessary thing for our existence. We may need it if our lives are in danger. For example, if we need to run from some sort of danger, either something or some one. It is called the "Fight or Flight" response and it's when our adrenalin kicks into action. In this instance, stress is a good thing. However, its not healthy for our bodies to secrete too much adrenalin.

Stress has become a very common problem in today's world. Many people suffer from anxiety and are forced to take prescription medications in order to cope with this condition.

Side Effects of Stress

Although the body needs a certain amount of stress in order to survive, it can become a dangerous situation if its allowed to continue. It can cause severe health problems when left untreated. Some of these complications are:

  • severe headaches or migraines
  • high blood pressure
  • poor thought processes
  • impaired immune system
  • teeth grinding
  • poor sleep patterns
  • stomach ulcers
  • heart palpitations
  • myocardial infarction or heart attack
  • stroke
  • nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • hair loss
  • muscle tension

Severe Headaches or Migraines

Severe headaches can be brought on by stress and anxiety. They can cause a lot of problems in our everyday lives such as lost wages due to missed work, medical bills and time away from our family and friends.

High Blood Pressure

Stress can affect our blood pressure in a very negative way. Increased blood pressure can bring on seizures, headaches and strokes.

Poor Thought Processes

Increased anxiety also affects the brain and how it functions. Therefore, our thoughts and decisions are compromised during higher levels of stress.

Impaired Immune System

Stress has a tendency to suppress the immune system causing a person to become more susceptible to illnesses.

Teeth Grinding and Poor Sleep Patterns

Stress and anxiety may cause some people to clench or grind their teeth either while awake or more often during sleep. If this does occur while sleeping, poor sleep patterns are realized. This can lead to other issues as well as to make existing ones worse.

Stomach Ulcers

Stomach Ulcers can form if stress has been occurring for an extended period of time without ceasing. Stress can cause the body to manufacture more stomach acid which will eventually cause erosion in the lining of the stomach.

Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations are when the heart is beating irregularly. It will sometimes be too fast, too hard, or skip beats altogether. They can cause additional worry, but they are usually not harmful. Sometimes, they are the precursor to more serious conditions, so they should be checked out by a doctor or specialist.

Heart Attack and Stroke

Stress definitely takes it toll on a person's heart. The adrenalin that is produced during periods of stress causes the heart rate to increase and constricts the body's blood vessels. Therefore, if a person has even the smallest of clots floating through their vessels, it can create major problems such as a heart attack or stroke.

Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhea

Although they are much less serious matters, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are still bothersome; not to mention the fact that they can cause other issues such as dehydration. Stress

Hair Loss

When a person is under a great deal of stress, they can and usually will, lose their hair. It can come out in stages or little amounts at a time; nevertheless, it is disturbing when it happens. It can occur for months after the stressful event, but the good news is that it will grow back in about a year. This could become a real problem though if a person is under constant stress and anxiety.

Muscle Tension

Your back, neck and shoulders can really tense up when your stress levels are increased. This can cause a lot of discomfort and anxiety.

All of these conditions are troublesome and some of them are even life threatening. It is for this reason that stress and anxiety should be controlled by any means necessary.

Aside from medication, there are natural methods that should be tested as well. One of those is called aromatherapy. In addition to physical exercise, aromatherapy can prove to be a very effective means of lowering the body's level of stress.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of utilizing aromatic essential oils and plants to improve and alter a person's mood. It promises to improve the individual's physical and mental health, as well as to offer a feeling of well-being.

These essences can be purchased in the form of candles, massage oils, or potpourri. When utilized, these aromas are said to have calming attributes that will relieve stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy is something you can do at home on your own or go to a professional aromatherapist. The aromatherapist can create and mix different oils together to get the perfect concoction that will be beneficial for you. Therefore, it is always advisable to go to a professional and get their opinion.

Whichever approach you decide to take, aromatherapy is a great method to attempt to benefit your life as well as your overall health.


Do you participate in Aromatherapy and do you feel that it is beneficial to you?

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      Pancho Marana 

      3 years ago from USA

      Enjoyed this blog. Great Job!


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