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How to Cover Vitiligo

Updated on April 29, 2012

There are ways to help reduce the visibility of vitiligo


Easy and simple ways to reduce the visibility of the white patches:

Being stared at is one of the greatest causes of depression in vitiligo patients. The white patches caused by vitiligo are extremely visible if you have dark skin. They prominently invite stares from strangers. That is why people with vitiligo would often choose to isolate themselves from other people instead of enjoying their social lives.
However, since vitiligo is a painless and harmless pigmentation disorder, the white patches are just as normal as the rest of the skin on a body except there is no color.


Products that can help cover up vitiligo:

Four most effective ways to cover the white patches cuased by vitiligo

  1. Avoid direct sunlight: sunlight will increase the dark pigment in normal skin and burn the skin with vitiligo. By staying away from the direct sunlight, you will protect your skin that is affected by vitiligo and lighten your normal skin tone. Therefore, whenever you’re outdoor, make sure that you block the sun by wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, hat and use sunscreen. If vitiligo shows up on the back of your hands or on top of your feet, make sure you wear gloves and socks too.
  2. Camouflage with makeup: use foundation to cover up the unwanted skin tone, such as Dermableand Cover Crème with SPF 30. There are a lot of different color tones of foundations for you to choose. If you have small white patches, look for the foundation with color that matches your normal skin tone. If you can’t find the exact match, you might want to get two different colors and mix them to achieve the color that works best for you. But if vitiligo has affected most of the skin, you might want to get the foundation that is as light as possible to match the white patches.
  3. Camouflage with tanning lotions: tanning lotions can work wonders on vitiligo. You can achieve deeper level of color tone if you want by reapplying to the affected areas. The color would stay for days, sometimes weeks depending upon the type of tanning lotions you use. Try to get the tanning lotions with SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from UV lights. In order to avoid the tanning lotions getting to the skin with normal skin tone, use tape to cover up the skin that you don’t intend to tan before applying the tanning lotions.
  4. Camouflage with a combination of makeup and tanning lotions: combining makeup and tanning lotions is the best way to cover up the uneven skin tone cause by vitiligo. First you need to tan your skin hours before applying your foundation because it takes time for the color to gradually deepen on your skin. Once the tanned color closely matches your normal skin color, use foundation to cover up any flaws.

If people staring at your white patches bothers you, do whichever method that works best for you to help cover up the uneven skin tone. Keep in mind that vitiligo is just a cosmetic condition and there are hundreds of thousands people have it. It doesn’t have the power to stop you from living a health and normal life. Don’t ever let vitiligo ruin your social life by isolating yourself from other people.


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    • kittyjj profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Leung 

      6 years ago from San Jose, California

      Thank you redpointhq for stopping by and commenting. :)

    • kittyjj profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Leung 

      6 years ago from San Jose, California

      Thank you Marcy for commenting and your support. :)

    • redpointhq profile image


      6 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      I agree with the comment above, nice post with a very encouraging tone.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 

      6 years ago from Planet Earth

      I like the way you encourage people to live a normal life and to accept themselves as being beautiful as they are! Voted up, useful and interesting. Shared with followers!


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