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How to Cure Sickness by Raising a Vitamin C Forcefield Against a Cold, Flu, or Sinus Infection With "Super Tea"

Updated on July 15, 2018
MatthewLeo1701 profile image

Matt Leo has been a working manager in several restaurant companies for over 20 years. He's worked every position up through management.

The Cure For What Ails You

Lean in close. No. Closer. What I am about to divulge to you has been a well-kept secret in my best friend’s household for millennia. Okay, maybe not millennia. Decades. *Echo for effect.

The Source of This Cure-All

My friend Robert has rarely ever gotten sick. When he told me this, I thought at first he just got lucky with some superior germ-fighting genes, but as I got to know him, he revealed his incredible secret to me, and I am going to share it with you. Who knows? It may save you from ever having to go to the doctor ever again.

I Get Sick Way Too Often

Now, for those who are not in the know, I get sinus infection on a very regular basis. My symptoms are even worse during the spring when the whole of nature decides it’s time to dump its entire stockpile of spores in and around my house. My Oreck Air Purifier never stood a chance. My big problem though is that I worked a manager position in restaurant. Takin pseudoephedrine or other allergy medicines always seem to make me loopy and sleepy. As a result, taking medications severely impaired my ability to manage a restaurant. Often, I was just stuck to suffer through it. Thankfully, I didn't get sick often, but when I did, it was definitely a strength sapping man-cold that made me feel like I was dying and ready to go to the other side.

Pills to battle the symptoms but not the cause
Pills to battle the symptoms but not the cause | Source

I just had to get sick one day for my friend to come clean with me about his force field cure. I had gone to work that day, and the manager sent home. Just the sight of me from my boss was enough. I was in no condition to work for anybody. I was sneezing and coughing up the yellow stuff in waves. I felt the heat coming off of my forehead radiate four inches from the skin, and I bet I could have warmed a small room with it. I had body aches that reminded me of the growing pains I had as a youngster. Only they were multiplied by 10, and it felt more like I was shrinking.

A Bitter Potion Indeed

He had been working that day, and saw how bad of shape I was in and invited me over for some of his unique “Super Tea."

“Sooper Teeeee?” I slurred. I was quite incapacitated at this point.

I am quite sure it sounded like I was speaking through a wall of Styrofoam. At least that was how it seemed to me, clogged as I was. When I arrived, I found my friend had been busy slaving over his concoction. As he passed the hot brew over to me, he prompted me with his "words to the wise".

“Drink it slowly, but drink it all," he told me. I sat down on one of his many cushy recliners, allowing it to envelope me in blissful comfort. I peered down into the dark drink, noting the thick brownian motion in its waves as it crested the cup and settled. I looked back up at him cautiously and took my first sip. In an instant, my whole face soured and I nearly coughed it all back up.

"What’s in this!?”

Fighting the chills
Fighting the chills | Source

The recipe for this powerful potion is as follows:


  • 1 or 2 Tea Bags Celestial Seasonings Red Tea, Steeped
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Vitamin C Crystals (GNC), Dissolved
  • 1 to 2 Tablespoons Raw Honey, Unprocessed
  • 1 or 2 Slices Fresh Lemon, Squeezed

The Story of This Healthy Concoction

My friend Robert broke down laughing. Apparently, I was not his first guinea pig he had shared this secret with, as I think he was waiting with subdued pleasure for me to take that first apocalyptically sour sip. When he had collected himself, he began to explain his mother's method for brewing this potion and why it works. The creation I speak of is the ever elusive creature known as "Super Tea". At least, that is what his family had come to refer to it as. It was their family cure-all, and they had been using it for decades.

He explained to me that as a child, his mom would brew this puckering potion whenever he got sick, and it was pretty much a cure-all for whatever ailed him. It was ten times sourer than any sour candy out on the market today. Robert laughed at me and my twisted up face. “The honey was supposed to help cut some of the sour, but I can see I may have still put a little too much on the crystals."

This Tea Gives You A Healing Factor

He also told me that he had been forced-fed this drink for so many years, he just stopped getting the flu or any cold. He insists that he now has a permanent Vitamin C Force Field that sits just off of his skin, deflecting any germs like an impenetrable shield.

I kept sipping anyway. It was thick and hot, and altogether enjoyable once you got past the sour. Robert explained to me that the Vitamin C crystals were super potent. It was pure, undiluted ascorbic acid. A quarter teaspoon was the equivalent of 888% of what your daily value should me. In retrospect, I believe he dosed me double than that.

If you can handle it, use honey.
If you can handle it, use honey. | Source

Don't Use Sugar, Only Honey

He said that the honey would be good for my throat, better than sugar at any rate, as the sugar would have just scraped my throat up worse. Robert tells me that sugar tends to get in the way of the healing properties of this drink. In simplest terms, there are no quick shortcuts to this beverage. Additionally, raw unprocessed honey is chock full of antioxidants and apparently contains enzymes that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that are very useful in the tea to help you get well faster than without it.

It took me well over an hour to finish the brew, and I was finding myself feeling a tad bit better. In two days, you could not even tell that I had been sick. It had completely killed off whatever what knocking around inside of me and making me feel less than human. However, If find yourself allergic to honey, I would recommend using only enough sugar to lightly sweet it and perhaps cut down the amount of Vitamin C crystals a bit. However, you will probably have to drink more of these teas over the course of the day to get the same amount of Vitamin C it asks for in the recipe .

A Potency You Can First Taste, Then Feel

Now, whenever I feel anything coming on, I but only have to make that phone call. Sometimes even Robert’s mom makes me a batch up and delivers to me personally at work. It most assuredly helps me get through and allows me to finish my day. For best results, always serve in a stainless steel thermos. By doing so, you keep the potion excellent and hot, a godsend for a very sore throat.

Now, I while I do not think it is possible to overdose on Vitamin C, it may be best to observe moderation as you would in most other things. Start off with a lower amount, perhaps an eighth of a tablespoon, until you can adjust to the taste. It can be quite overwhelming at first until you get used to it. Build yourself up to a little more each time as your tolerance levels allow.

Happy tidings and I wish you nothing but good health and living to you all.

© 2012 Matt Leo


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    • MatthewLeo1701 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Leo 

      7 years ago from Richlands

      It won't take one cup only. It will make you feel better for a few hours. My recommendation is to re-tea yourself every three to four hours.

    • Khal Blogo profile image

      Khal Blogo 

      7 years ago from A gas station on the yellow brick road

      Excellent hub, i hope this thing works. I've had problems every spring for years and nothing works. Voted up and useful.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is great this should also be posted on the Home Survival site Love useing natural products verses the doctors pills that take for ever to work. Will try try this . Love the way write. Can't wait as always to read more. Patty

    • MatthewLeo1701 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Leo 

      7 years ago from Richlands

      Best compliment I have had yet. Thank you. It is readers like you that keep me doing what I love. Take care. Going out to by ginger in the morning. {wink}

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 

      7 years ago

      You are welcome Mathew. Your Way of writing is very engaging. I enjoyed reading it till the end. Thumbs up!

    • MatthewLeo1701 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Leo 

      7 years ago from Richlands

      Wow. I will have to remember this remedy. I am very prone to fevers, even with allergies. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 

      7 years ago

      We don't have the sourness. We add dry ginger, pepper and molasses with water and boil it. It's kind of very hot and gives quick relief from even the most severe fever.

    • MatthewLeo1701 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Leo 

      7 years ago from Richlands

      Thank you nanospeck. I would love to hear more about these health drinks you have in South India! How did you guys get around the sourness. Perhaps you will write a hub about it. If so, let me know. Intensely interested! Take care. Please vote up and follow if you can. More articles to come.

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 

      7 years ago

      Nice hub. Really helpful. We have similar health drinks in South India too.


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