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How to Cure Arm Pit Odor

Updated on February 28, 2012

The Deodorant Experiment

If you are like me and millions of other people who have been suffering from the raunchy smell of body odor(from the arm pits), then you came to the right place for some answers.

It has been a year since I first noticed the awful smell that would lurk under my arm pits.
I had never been the type who had smelly pits or who got yellow stains in the pits of my favorite shirts. I, actually, felt bad for these kinds of people and was glad I never had to experience such shame and embarrassment from the stinky pit!

Until, last year...

It hit me out of nowhere and I wasn't sure how it had happened. I showered daily and even sometimes twice a day! I have great hygiene and I take pride in my appearance as well as my bodily odor(s).

I had always used Dove deodorant. It was fresh, clean, and affordable. My sister used it, my best friend used it, and I used it!

One day I asked my friend if she had ever noticed b.o. and she said she had to switch from the Dove because she was starting to experience the same issue(s). I asked my sister, who was always having issues with the latter of b.o. from sweating, etc, and she said she had started experiencing the same problems and had to also switch brands as well.

So, I , too switched. I switched to EVERY kind of deodorant you can think of. I switched scents, brands, time of the day I would shower. I even cut back on shaving my pits as often, thinking that the aluminum in the anti-perspirant was somehow seeping through my freshly shaven under arms and adding to the foul smell that had taken place.

I was reading online the best ways to cure arm pit odor.

From home remedies that called for apple cider vinegar(which has a natural ph and helps reduce the acidic level under your arms)+ baking soda(which is used as a natural deodorant) to crystal rock deodorants(all natural as well) to men's deodorant.

I have tried it all!

I even thought about getting BOTOX injections to end this once and for all!

But, then I came across one thing I hadn't tried!

Someone said to try using hand sanitizer under your arms and then applying deodorant.

So, I went to the local Big Lots and I bought some hand sanitizer($1.00) and I also thought I would try a new soap. I grabbed Dial hypo-allergenic bar soap(3 bars for $1.00).

A light bulb went off in my head when I realized that I had been using Dove's body wash the Plum and Sakura scent(which was the BEST smelling soap I have ever found) the whole time!

"Duh, Michelle!! The same deodorant brand was leaving a foul smell so the soap probably would do the same." I am sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! ;)

Either way, I was happy that I had possibly found the root of my arm pit odor!

So, I started my experiment by adding and changing small things at one time.

  • I showered and used the Dial bar soap and then I applied the hand sanitizer afterwards.

Seven hours later, still fresh! The only thing that bothered me was that my underarms had that sticky feeling because I didn't use any deodorant. But, the smell was no longer there so I was happy! :)

The next morning I decided to go to the gym.

  • Since, I was still in the testing phase of this, I decided to reapply some hand sanitizer(let dry) and then add a spray of my aerosol deodorant (Extra Extra Dry), since this was the best deodorant I had found to work a little longer than others.

Well, when I got home from the gym, needless to say, I was rank stank nasty, again!
The small was back and I was back to square one.

  • What I have found is that deodorant's are basically for vanity purposes. They do keep you dry, but they also add to the smell mixed with my natural body chemistry.
  • I have since learned that, even though I would LOVE for the girly smell of Plum and Sakura and dryness under my arms, the only thing that has helped and cured my body odor is hand sanitizer!
  • I can reapply as necessary, but I really don't feel like I need to.

I wish someone had written a blog or an informative article about this topic in detail so that I didn't have to "experiment" by elimination.

I hope this helps someone. I know it has changed my life! (and my husbands) ;)


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    • profile image

      miranda, cecilia 3 years ago

      my son had body odor for 8 years. i searched and searched the cure for it.

      i thank god a billion times for giving me answer to my prayer. it's borax. if borax can get rid of smell on your clothes so why not on armpit. i gave him borax to apply on his armpit while he was in the shower. he rinsed it at the end of his shower. no deodorant whatsoever no odor for 23 hours. so i instructed him to keep using it. he used to take a shower 2 to 3 times a day. now once a day. no deodorant. no odor. it's been 3 days since he started using it. hoping it will help others out there.

      me i am still searching for answers. i don't give up that easy. i know there is god and i know there is an answer.

      my husband had an answer 2 weeks before i found a cure for my son.

      i told him about garlic and onions that can cause armpit odor. he quit eating them. no deodorant. no odor for 2 weeks now. he takes a shower once a day and i don't smell anything. i used to make a comment because he really had strong body odor from his armpit.

      now you tell me if god is not listening. i just need to be patient and not give up.

    • profile image

      Ginny 4 years ago

      I recommend Lavilin as a reliable, all-natural solution. It's a fantastic product! You can order the cream or roll-on. The cream is more effective, but the roll-on is less maintenance (no need to dabble your fingers in the cream).