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How to Cure Bloating and Gas

Updated on April 23, 2013

Reduce Your Risk

Let’s face it. Although passing gas is embarrassing, it can happen to anyone – virtually anywhere and at any time. If you’ve been a victim of bloating and gas, you’re not alone – in fact, you’re in very good company.

Unfortunately, passing gas, farting or flatulence isn’t acceptable in polite company so on those occasions when you must be in public, you can take steps to cure the bloating and gas before your friends and co-workers label you “the fart-miester.”

Watch Your Legumes!

Remember the old “beans, beans, the magical fruit” saying you quipped as a child? It’s really true. Eating beans, which can form gas in the stomach, can lead to cramping and the accompanying fart.

Not all legumes are created equal when it comes to producing gas, however. If you’re a bean lover, try substituting lentils, split peas or lima beans instead of white beans and navy beans, which are typically used in bean soups, such as chili. By using the same seasonings with legumes that produce less gas, you can enjoy your favorite foods without becoming the laughing stock of the party.

Additional tips for reducing gas when eating beans is to soak them the night before cooking, which reduces their gas-forming properties or to add a spoonful of granulated sugar to the beans in the pot as they cook.

Cooking Beans to Reduce Gas

Change Eating Habits

Even non-gas forming foods can cause bloating and flatulence if you scarf your meal down quickly. When you shovel food into your mouth as quickly as possible so you can get back to work or to class, you swallow large amounts of air that have to go somewhere. If you’re belching excessively after a meal, you could be passing gas within an hour.

Washing your food down with carbonated soda pops is another sure way to bring on the toots. You’ll belch up some of the gas, but the rest will enter your intestinal system and come out the other end. You can still enjoy a soda pop, but if this is a constant source of gas for you – choose water with a meal when you’re dining out and save the soda for when you’re at home watching the game.

Slow down and chew each mouthful thoroughly.

Gas Reducing Treatments

You can purchase anti-flatulence tablets and drops to take before eating, but you can also cure bloating and gas by enjoying a calming cup of chamomile or peppermint tea after your meal. Sip it slowly and let the herbs work their magic.

Don’t lay around after eating. If you eat in front of the TV while you’re kicking back on your favorite recliner, the gas from food digestion is just as likely to come out the rear end as it is to come out in the form of a belch. Sit up straight while you eat and for the next half of an hour. Then you can stretch out and enjoy the show.

Keep a bowl of after-dinner-mints handy. Why do you think they offer them in fine restaurants? They know that peppermint oil soothes indigestion and accompanying gas. Take advantage of this ages-old remedy for curing gas and bloating.

Food Sensitivities

Sometimes foods that don’t cause gas in others will trigger bloating and a case of the farties in you. This typically occurs when you eat a food that you’re sensitive to. Keep a food diary to pinpoint your triggers, because they are different for everyone. Typical foods that you might be sensitive to include wheat and dairy products, corn and foods high in saturated fats. Choose low fat cuts of meat and reduce your intake of celery, cabbage, oats, ice cream, cheeses and bread products until you can determine which of these foods is triggering the gassy problem.

When to Seek Help

If your gassy condition persists, despite changing your eating habits and menu items, talk with your family doctor. While rare, some medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and malabsorption could be causing the problem.

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