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How to Cure Gout in Your Joints

Updated on March 6, 2011

How to cure gout the old fashion way. First, you probably haven't suffered many times so far with gout. If you have, then it's pass time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. Have you ever had anything to hurt as bad as gout? Me neither!!!! My wife sufferers with migraines, and I did suffer with gout. You know that gout is the rich mans disease. That was what was though hundreds of years ago, because only the wealthy could eat meat quite frequently. Where do we eat now days? Of course, fast foods. I've looked up the foods to avoid to starve off gout. I told my wife that not eating these foods would help. You would die from lack of food. That's just my opinion.

So what is gout, and how to cure gout. Simply put, gout is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood which crystallize and are deposited in joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues. You develop arthritis in that particular joint, because the kidneys don't pass the uric acid out. Then suddenly you wake up, and your toe, or a joint hurts so much you can't touch it with the bed covers. Although most suffer with gout in their big toes, or somewhere in their feet, you may have to have help with gout in your knees, and also help with gout in your shoulders, and other joints. It's rare to have it in your knees, or shoulder, but you can have it there, I did.

What to do after it hits.(cry)

Gout is one of those blind sided things. If we only knew in advance, we could start treating it. Here is what I did when (bam) I got it. If your stomach will allow it, take the maximum dose of Ibuprofen, every time it says on the bottle. Run out and buy a bottle of Black Cherry Juice, and start taking it. Find it at the closest GNC store. It won't be cheap.( You can also buy cherries at your local supermarket, and eat about twenty or so a day.)After you run out of it, order some off the net. I bought mine at Puritans Pride. That is the best place I've found to buy Vitamins, or herbs. This is the best way to cure gout naturally. First time sufferers may think that you can cure gout fast, but each time you have gout it usually takes longer to have relief.

Here's the amazing thing about gout.

You may have it only once in your life. My aunt is 95, and told me she had it once. My sister has had it only once. And I have a good friend that was on crutches for gout about 25 years ago, and went on to eventually take medicine for years. I talked to him some time back, and he said he quit taking prescription medicine years ago, and never had gout again.

Who gets gout?

Although it hits more men than women, and more in their forties, we know some that have had it in their twenties, and thirties. If you have gout in your knees, toes, ankles, shoulder, fingers, or elsewhere, take your antinflammatory medicine, and black cherry juice. No matter how you treat it, gout hurts before it's all over.

Now, how to cure gout.

For me, after my feet, then my shoulder, (which I couldn't raise,) to my knee, twice, to my shoulder,(couldn't raise again) back to my knee in two weeks was enough. Although the black cherry juice works great, once the pain is over, you have a tendency to forget to take the juice. For me, I bought the black cherry capsules for gout at 1000mg. and it works.

You have four different routes to take with gout.

One, don't eat any food that contributes to gout, and starve. Two, take a prescription medicine, and watch for side effects. Three, treat it aggressively with something such as Ibuprofen once you get it. Or four, buy an all natural alternative to cure gout, black cherry juice. Your choice!! (Incenditaly, it takes about a week for me to have gout relief, but for many gout sufferers the pain last much longer.) What works for you? How long have you suffered ?

All the best with your gout


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