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Solved! How to Cure Heat Rash

Updated on June 21, 2012

How to Treat and Cure Heat Rash

Heat rash is my nemesis. It makes me cranky, sleepy, tired, miserable and spotty! If you have ever experienced heat rash, you would probably have, like myself, spend countless hours researching ways to find a cure for heat rash. This article, lists some of the better findings that I have come across. I sincerely hope that you find relief in these tips. If you know of any other tips that may help fellow heat rash sufferers, please leave them in the comment box below.

Do you actually need a heat rash cure?

How certain are you that you have heat rash? So many rashes look alike, so before you try to treat and cure your heat rash perhaps get confirmation that this is what you are suffering from.

Keeping your Body Temperature Down Helps to Prevent Heat Rash

The single most vital thing you can do to treat or prevent heat rash is to keep your body temperature down. Avoid being out in the direct sunlight. Try to stay inside cool air conditioned rooms often, and try to wear light cotton clothing.

Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. Remember for every cup of coffee or tea you drink, you need to balance that out with a cup of water.

Ask Your Pharmacy About Antihistamines

Not wanting to be walking around like a zombie all day long, you can imagine how I was I was very reluctant to use antihistamines. However, I reached a point where I could no longer control the urge to want to scratch my itchy skin all day long and talked to my pharmacist about non-drowsy antihistamine options. It wasn’t a long term option, but provided me some great relief and helped me in getting control of my heat rash.

Take Cool Baths or Showers

Bathing in cool water often can provide a great relief. Avoid using any lotions or soaps which are perfumed. Bathing in oatmeal or bicarb soda can be a great help,just add a few teaspoons to your bathwater. However, be careful if you have broken skin, as the bicarb soda can sting.

Use Dusting Powder

Dusting powder used on affected areas after a shower (when your body is completely dry) can help prevent a sweat build up. To avoid any further skin irritation, only use unperfumed powder. Baby powder with cornstarch is a good choice. Some people have been known to just use cornstarch.

Never allow children to apply the powder on their own, as if it gets into their lungs it could cause breathing problems.


How to Cure Heat Rash

  • Keep your body temperature down.
  • Ask your pharmacist about antihistamines.
  • Take cool baths or showers.
  • Use dusting powders.
  • Soothe the Skin

Soothe the Skin

When you are suffering from heat rash you need to avoid using any oil based moisturizers as they can cause further irritations. However, to avoid your skin from getting dry you should still moisturize your skin. You need to find a specialist moisturizer for skin conditions, one containing colloidal oatmeal is ideal as it helps prevent the itchiness.



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