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How to Cure Mouth Ulcer Fast Using Home Remedies

Updated on July 9, 2013

What is a Mouth Ulcer?

A mouth ulcer, also known as oral ulcer, is a sore spot that forms on the membrane of the oral cavity. Mouth ulcers occur due to many reasons. For some, it could be due to an open wound, for others it could be due to a bacterial infection. It is a common condition that happens to nearly everybody. There are actually two common ways in which a mouth ulcer form. First is through trauma (e.g. contact with something sharp), and the second is from something called canker sores which we will explain in more details later on. Although oral ulcers are not known to be highly dangerous, it can still cause great discomfort and pain to the patient. It is recommended that you treat it as soon as possible, so your dental health doesn't get further affected by conditions such as gum disease. What does a mouth ulcer generally look like? It generally depends on the type of ulcer you are affected by. Commonly, it has a white subdued appearance along your mouth. Note that ulcers can be passed on. Therefore, if you are affected by it, it would be wise to not kiss someone, or share glasses or cups.

Types of Mouth Ulcer

There are several different types of mouth ulcers. In general, we can categorize them into three types: minor, major, and Herpetiform. The minor ulcer is commonly seen across patients. According to research statistics, minor ulcer makes up for around eighty percent of all ulcer cases. The minor version tends to be very small. At most, the diameter reaches to a maximum of 10 mm. Luckily, the minor form only lasts for two weeks at most and they can be naturally healed.

Major Ulcer
The major form makes up for around 10% of all cases. They are greater than 10 mm in diameter size, and will cause great discomfort to the patient. Unlike minor ones, they only appear one at a time. Minor ulcers can appear in several dots. As they are much more sensitive than their smaller brother, it can take up to a month to heal. During the healing period, you will have endure sharp pain while you eat. It is best you visit a medical professional as soon as you identify it as a major ulcer.

Herpetiform Ulcer
The last form of ulcer isn't necessarily the most serious out of the three types, but it can cause the most discomfort because they can be appear in large numbers. For example, you may get a hundred of these irregular spots in one go. Like the major form, it can take over a month to heal. It is best to receive professional treatment for Herpetiform ulcers. Luckily, the two latter types constitute for a small portion of patients so you are unlikely to be affected by it during your lifetime. That said, you should take every care to avoid them from ever forming.

How to Treat Mouth Ulcer?

As mentioned earlier, mouth ulcers tend to naturally heal by themselves. If they do not affect your daily habits, it is best to leave them alone. There is no need to apply any sort of medicine for minor ulcers. However, if you are dealing with the major or Herpetiform type, there are some things you can do at home to remedy the situation. First and foremost, visit a doctor for consultation. They will give you important advice (and perhaps medicine for serious conditions) on healing your mouth ulcers.

While you are healing, it is recommended that you change several of your daily habits. For example, you should use a soft toothbrush to prevent any ulcer inflammation. Also, you should avoid eating food that have relatively hard texture. Just like a hard toothbrush, you want to avoid causing any irritations to the condition. No matter what kind of food you eat, make sure you chew frequently. One former patient commented that he seemed to get oral ulcers after eating a few crisps. This is possible because crisps have sharp edges.

Note there are certain types of food that may increase your chances of obtaining mouth ulcer. For example, food like chocolate, coffee, and peanuts are attributed to causing the ulcer condition. This doesn't mean you should stop having those products. It just means you should do so at a lesser frequency.

Another activity that may cause ulceration is smoking. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to smoke when they feel stressed. Both stress and smoking can be seen as a double-kill for ulceration. If possible, look for ways to reduce your stress level. Participate in yoga, meditation, or any other sort of activity that can make you feel calm.

Last but not least, brush and floss frequently. The key to reducing this painful condition is to clear bacteria and virus from your mouth. If you have been recently using certain dental products such as teeth whitening solutions, refrain from using them until your scars are fully healed.

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