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How to Cure Yeast, Fungal and Candida Infections for Good!

Updated on July 16, 2011
How to Cure Yeast, Fungal and Candida Infections for Good!
How to Cure Yeast, Fungal and Candida Infections for Good!

If you are a sufferer of a Candida, Fungal, or Yeast Infections,

I am going to cover some herbal remedies and diet plans that will really work!

Candida, fungus and yeast can cause many ailments in the body from all kinds of sicknesses to rashes that are just never going away or chronic suffering.

After much research for my own treatments, I want to share with you some remedies that actually do work or have worked for me.

I hope you leave here today more informed on what you can do in your diet and improve your health.

Please note: That I am not a physician or a Doctor, and that I cannot treat nor diagnose any sicknesses. So please inform your Doctor or Physician before starting a supplement or exercise program.


Did you know?

There are over 400 fungi that will produce pathogens or mycotoxins in the human body.

Fungi overgrowths can be simular to many diseases such as eczema, digestive disorders, sinusitis, diabetes and even cancer. So its not usually discernible that that is the cause however:

Mycotoxins can be more discernible.

Fungus feeds off of carbs and sugar. Most people who have this overgrowth will crave it.

Herbal Supplementation that Really Works!

Natural Supplements that will fight off the Fungus in your body:

All of these products I have taken and these are the most powerful against Yeast and fungal infections. Every Person is different and will like one more than the other, my favorite is the Grapefruit Seed Extract but I will say all of them are super powerful, and you can experiance a die off reaction immediately :)

Olive Leaf Extract: this is a very powerful extract, this is great for gout, malaria, hemroids, herpes. It contains Elolenic acid and kills alot of strains of fungus in the body. Kills fungal conditions such as shingles, encephalitus, IBS, arthritus, psoriasis and sinus infections.

Caprylic Acid: this is a fatty acid that is usually found in coconut oil this is great for candida overgrowth, also for athletes foot sinus infections etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) this contains malic acid in it. This so great for many things such as arthritus, blood pressure, boost immune system, regulates blood circulation, neutralizes toxicity in the body, has tons of vitamins in it and helps fatique and many other conditions.

( I would buy the Braggs organice ACV personally )

Grapefruit Seed Extract: this is one of the most powerful products you can buy. This kills over a hundred different strains of yeast and fungus an can be used internally or externally.

Neem: this is a blood purifier, and also a detoxifier. It is an antifungal and antibacterial that can treat conditions such as acne, exzema, herpes, and dandruff and also candida.

Once cleaning out your body or during the process, you will want to take some psyllium to transport the die off quickly from your body, also drinking lots of water, and taking natural probiotics.

Herbal Formula that works Great!

There also is a Product Called Candex.

I havent tried it yet, but I have done alot of research on the reviews and it seems to be an excellent product for candida and fungal infections. I personally want to try this product and when I do, I will write a review on it.

Organic Coconut Oil

The main ingredient in this that works is the Caprylic Acid.

I have used this for Fungus on the skin or skin rashes, This is wonderful for Candida sufferers and i have written a Review on this product.  It is truly amazing. 

Just make sure you are not allergic to it first but I would definitely try this product.


I hope that I have helped you in some way to relieve and cure a Yeast, fungal, and Candida Infections that occur in the body. These Herbal supplements and formulas I have actually tried most all of them, and can tell you they are the ones that work. I hope you enjoyed my article

and have a Beautiful Day!



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