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How to Cure a Sinus Infection the Natural Way

Updated on August 8, 2013
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Mom. Homeschooler. Editor. Wife. These are a few words to describe notyouraverageal. Her life is anything but average.

Natural Treatments that Work

I find myself giving medical advice a lot. In fact, I'm pretty sure I missed my calling as a doctor or at least a nurse practitioner. For whatever reason, I have a tremendous memory when it comes to medical things. I remember cures for ailments, and I'm anxious to help others. Therefore, I find myself telling perfect strangers how to cure their ailments, and usually, I'm right.

I am not big on the band-aid mentality that many doctors seem to have these days. Instead of looking at our bodies as many systems that are intertwined, they just put a band-aid on each symptom. No one ever told me that my frequent sinus infections, heel spurs and eczema are all tied to my under-active thyroid, but they are! Instead, the doctors have just tried to treat each item individually. I believe the symptoms are all related, and they should be treated as such.

I had a sinus infection once for a year and a half. No kidding. I went to bed with sinus headaches and woke up with sinus headaches constantly. I was miserable. I would go to the doctor, and he would prescribe a month of antibiotics and a Diflucan pill for the yeast infections that would come from the antibiotics. (Sorry, boys, I should have warned you.) I was on antibiotics for a year and a half straight. Then, I had sinus surgery that was supposed to cure it all. Just let me say, Worst Surgery Ever. (And I've had my share of surgery! I always need extra space on medical forms for the past-surgery section.)

After the sinus surgery, I continued to have infections. They cultured it (horrible!) and said it was not fungal. They just kept giving me antibiotics and Diflucan. I took them for another year after the surgery. Finally, I said enough was enough! I started researching and found my own remedies. I talked to people, and I began reading internet articles. I found a regiment that worked for me.

First, I used a Neti-Pot. Simple saline irrigation made a world of difference for me.

The Neti-pot I had was metal, but anything will work. You can buy these at drug stores. They sell special mixes and rinses, but I just used warm water and salt. For 16 oz. of water, I added 2 t. salt. This seemed to be a good balance to keep me from feeling like I was drowning in chlorine water.

A friend told me to try colloidal silver. I found a nasal spray and used that because it applied it directly to the area that was infected.

(Note...Google "Colloidal Silver" and read about the side effects before you start taking this. You can make the decision for yourself if you want to use it. All I know is, it worked for us, and we have never had any problems with it.)

After about 2 months, I went back to the doctor, and he said my sinuses looked great. I told him that I had been using a Netipot, and he said, "Oh, yeah. That's saline irrigation. We recommend that all the time!" Oh really? After 2 1/2 years, no one said anything to me about it!

Those two items combined cleared up my sinus infection. Once the original infection went away, I did not use the colloidal silver all the time. When I felt like an infection was coming on, I would use it for about 10 days. (If you are considering using it, Google and read about it first. There are warnings about overuse that you should read. You need to make the decision for yourself.)

I don't really use a Netipot or colloidal silver anymore, because I don't get sinus infections any more. This next discovery is the secret to what has kept me healthy. I started drinking apple cider vinegar. I started out making it into a tea with hot water and honey, but I found that I could just take a gulp and get it down. That was easier for me to just gulp it than to have to drink a whole cup of vinegar tea. Do a web-search on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, and you will see how much it can help. Apparently, it reduces the number of histamines your body produces. Whatever it does, it works for me.

I am woman enough just to take a swig. It's gross, and it takes my breath away, but it gets it done. Then, I go brush my teeth, because I'm afraid the vinegar will eat the enamel off my teeth. I tried to get my kids to drink it, but, as you can imagine, they wanted nothing to do with it. I tried several apple cider vinegar pills and tablets from a local health food store, but nothing seemed to work. Then, I discovered one that does actually work.

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My daughter who always had a sinus infection and/or a cold made it through last cold and flu season with only one small infection. This year, so far (knock on wood), she's clear! The apple cider vinegar has made all the difference for my family. I buy the GNC tablets because they work. They are also in tablet form, which my kids will swallow. (They don't "do" capsules.) The pills have cayenne pepper in them too, which is supposed to help. The GNC store near me does not carry the tablet form anymore, so I have to order them from Amazon. GNC does have a similar capsule form. I have no idea whether it works or not.

Now, of course, I am not a doctor, although I played one on TV. (Okay, I really didn't. I've just always wanted to say that.) You need to read and research and make decisions for yourself. However, these are the things that worked for me. If you or your family are suffering with colds, sinuses and respiratory issues, you might want to consider these remedies!

Good luck, and feel better soon!

I spoke too soon...

Addition to my article: Well, of course, I jinxed myself, and my daughter got sick again! Then, I found the item that has kept all infections at bay. We have since fought of 4 sinus infections using a combination of the items I have detailed.

The last piece of the puzzle is grapefruit seed extract. This acts as a natural antibiotic. When all else fails, we call in the big guns with the grapefruit.

A few warnings I have heard and read on this one:

1. If you are taking heart medicine, check to be sure it does not react with grapefruit. If it does, do not take grapefruit seed extract.

2. Drink lots of water to flush this through your system. Actually, that's not a bad idea, since drinking lots of water will help break up the infection anyway.

We went with a grapefruit seed extract nasal spray, to put it right where the infection is.


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