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How to relax after a long day of work

Updated on December 20, 2014

Work is good, so as rest.

All of us need to work in order to survive. Without work, we can't buy the necessary things in order for us to live a convenient life. By working, we are able to provide food, shelter, and other material things that makes living easier.

However, if we work, we also need to exert a lot of effort. We use our physical, mental and emotional strength in order to perform our tasks properly. Each day, we consume our energy in our day to day activities which includes our respective jobs.

People are like batteries, we start the day fully energized as we wake up and drains that energy while doing various tasks including typical household routines. By the end of the day, it is important that we recharge ourselves again to prepare for next day's activities.

Work is good. However we cannot just keep on working without taking a break. Each one of us should still know our body's limitation. We might not have enough time to fully rejuvenate ourselves everyday due to our busy schedules, there are still ways for us to squeeze some time to take a little rest once in a while.

Plot your "leaves"

As a worker you are entitled to work leaves. How long or how many times? That depends on the company in which you are employed. As an employee, I suggest that you always review your contract. Check the allotted leaves you can file during your stay at the company. If you don't understand how it works, don't hesitate to approach the human resources department. That's their job.

File those leaves ahead of time. Once you've done so, plan on the things that you will do and make sure you use those leaves to relax and spend it without thinking about work. if you spent those free days thinking about work, it will be useless. Why? because you are just stressing yourself mentally instead of taking a break and just enjoying your day.

Some of the things you can do includes being a "bum" all day. Just catch up on your favorite shows or do your hobby while listening to your favorite music. You can also just sit at home, invite friends over and spend the evening chatting with them. This way your mind won't divert on other things particularly work. I suggest you don't bring up the topic of "work" when catching up with your friends.

Reading and revisiting your hobbies will help you in relaxing...
Reading and revisiting your hobbies will help you in relaxing...

Relax Your Mind

Whenever you work, your brain is obviously focused on the task you're doing. Most of the time, you even think about work outside of the office. You unconsciously bring work to your home because you think about it all the time.

I'm that type of person before. I am always worried if I did everything I need to do even though I'm already at home. Word of advice, learn how to separate work from home. If you're at work, do your job properly. Learn how to budget your time in order for you to accomplish everything before you leave work so that by the time you went home, you can relax your mind and enjoy the rest of your day doing things you typically do at home like watching tv, reading your favorite book, and get enough sleep to recharge yourself on tomorrow's work.

Don't think of work while you're at home because the next day, you'll find yourself stressed already even though you are just starting the day.

Keep your Body Energized

Keeping your body energized doesn't just apply for those who have a work that needs bodily strength. This also includes people who work in an office setting. Sitting all day is also very tiring. So I suggest that you do allot of exercise after work or during those free time you have.

When you go home, make yourself some healthy and nutrtious food. Drink herbal teas (which are very soothing) and get enough sleep. A tired body won't function well so know the importance of keeping your body at it's 100% strength. Think of your body like a mobile phone, a low battery won't function well if you don't keep it full charge! This includes mental and physical strength.

Rewarding Yourself by Giving Time to Yourself

Relaxing after a long day of work can be considered as your personal reward for being a good worker. You deserve to have time for yourself. You need some pampering everyday so you won;t end up being stressed all the time.

I hope that I was able to inject some helpful things or those who realize that they are turning into a workaholic zombie!



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